Heat mask by Loréal dream lengths – New Breakthrough?

I was so excited to see this in stores because I received a similar mask in one my allure boxes last year and it was amazing. It wasn’t this one , the one I received was the Loreal Ever Pure intense repair mask. But I figured same company same concept. So before you get the wrong idea, I didn’t hate the Loréal dream lengths heat mask, but there are some cons for sure.

I didn’t post my review on the ever pure mask so here it is. This mask was so awesome and smelled delicious. The scent was for sure one of those lingering ones, that lasted no less than 2 days. My hair was incredibly soft and smooth after the first use for sure. If I ever used an instantly amazing hair mask it was this one.

So let’s talk about this new

Loréal dream lengths heat mask

Loréal dream lengths heat mask

Firstly the Price is right. This one is R90, but my hair length is just shy of hitting my shoulders, so I don’t know if you have long hair, if it will be enough. And there are many many tutorials about heat masks, or at least applying a mask and heating it a bit under your shower cap. In that case this is a lot less effort. It of course is not going to heat as much as that, but I think there is enough heat to open the hair shaft a bit.


Will this heat mask replace that process and effect, not a chance. But for the ones in a rush but want to treat yourself and your hair then maybe this is the solution.

The Scent

It smells really good. A tad bit florally, but if you like that you will love this. Personally I prefer a more perfume type scents, like the Kerastase Discipline range. The smell lingers for days, 3 days later my hair still smelled good, not fresh but definitely not stinky. It’s also important to note that I have thick curly hair, so hair care scents don’t really last on me, especially in this hellish heat.

The package

Well it is what it is, again the slot for the actual mask/conditioner could be bigger but I guess it was sufficient for me.

Does it work?

Yes it sure does. My hair was again very soft and manageable. My curls felt a lot less tense/tight and more airy. And when I dried and ironed it, it felt very soft and smooth. I don’t know if those are the claims but it was the effect. I think with continued use, it could for sure make my hair better. My issue though is the cap that it comes with feels very oily. But once I rinsed out the product and styled it, my hair didn’t feel heavy or weighed down. And still moved in the wind.

My other issue, is that the ever pure mask I was able to use 2 weeks, and I only was my hair on Sundays so I got 2 uses, 7 days apart. This cap dried out within that same time. Incase you didn’t know I like to get my bang for my buck and love cheap/cost effective things. This is not it. Yes I like a lot of high end goodies but rest assured I am always looking for ways to save and get those items cheaper. Case and point, Boxycharm, or Retailbox secret boxes.

I am also one of those people who open foundation bottled and cut open primer tubes to make sure I’m using as much as possible lol. When I wasn’t able to use this for a second time, even if it was just the heat cap, I was off it. Financially that means that I will have to buy 4 of these every month. That is R 360, which is a higher end mask price, like maybe TIGI, which I could probably use for 2 and a half months.


So verdict?

Does the Heat mask by Loréal dream lengths  works well? If not getting multiple uses bums you out like it does me then this is not for you. If that is a non issue, go for it, I don’t think you would regret it. Unless you have very thin and limp hair, then again no. I think all this moisture will for sure weigh your hair down. But this one is like most products, up to you.

If you’re looking for a really good hair mask, you can check out my review on the Dove pure oil range here.

And that’s all folks

Let me know if you’ve tried this and also keep an eye on the blog, subscribe, there’s a giveaway coming soon….


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