Best 10 Step At home Pamper : Quarantine Edition

Hey Loves! How is everyone holding up? At the beginning of the lockdown I feel like the masking and self care was a bit excessive, for me at least. But I think I have a well balanced at home pamper routine down, that I thought I’d share.

First off if you feel like you want to do this or any other routine daily by all means, you do you boo. But as I said for me it felt a bit like overkill. So I decided to spread the at home pamper sessions out a bit throughout the week.

At home Pamper : Quarantine Edition

At home Pamper

Step 1

Decide which days are suitable for this pamper sessions, for me , it’s Sunday, because that was always a good day for me and my daughter, then I added in Wednesday and Friday. Why Wednesday? because I am still working from home and a mid week chill session is important, then Friday to kick the weekend off just right.

Step 2

Before kicking off your pamper routine, decide what you or your body needs that specific day, for me Wednesday is about a good soak, and clearing my mind. Because although I am not in the office, work feels a lot more stressful, has anyone else felt like this? Like you are being micro-managed to ensure that a.) your manager can say they are working, and b.) like they are afraid balls will be dropped.

Anyway, so I will draw a bath with some bath salts, Epsom salts and bubble bath of course, because I started working out as well, to me that is part of my self care. It’s something I wanted to do for the longest time and just felt like I never had the time. So I follow Chloe Ting, you can check out her channel here. The soak really helps with healing and relaxing my muscles.

Step 3

Apply a mask, for me the Wednesday mask is usually a clearing/clay mask. Although I have dry skin I also like to keep my pores as clean as possible. If i don’t have any masks, I make one, I use bentonite clay , with some activated charcoal and olive/ coconut oil.

At home Pamper

Step 4

Deep conditioner for my hair – if I feel up to washing it, I will add this step else I just skip it. I did a review on the Loreal Heat mask, if you want something easy. But you can also just use your normal mask then use a shower cap for better penetration.

Step 5

Bring earphones to the bath (if that’s what you’re doing) and put on a good meditation, one that you really enjoy, also that doesn’t make you sleep lol, I have those too ha ha ha. While my mask is chilling, about 15 mins, I listen to my meditation.

Step 6

A body scrub – I like to use a body scrub once a week to try and avoid the dry scaly skin. You can DIY this as well, some coffee grounds, brown sugar and olive oil. If you drink instant coffee, just omit the grounds. I use this to scrub the lips , hands and feet as well.

Step 7

Shaving, in the first 2 weeks I legit looked like a Neanderthal, as embarrassing as it is, it’s true, hence this little routine. I will shave wherever I feel needs it, bare in mind I wax under my arms so never there πŸ™‚ .

Step 8

Apply a deeply moisturizing body cream or body oil. I apply this as if I am giving myself a massage, and will focus on the sore bits, if any.

Step 9

Apply a thick foot cream, because a person always forgets about their toesies. So I apply this with a pair of gel socks. I do this most nights though, no 1 likes crispy feet.

At home Pamper

Step 10

And in-depth skincare routine after this amazingness, of relaxation. For me it’s the same everyday, but just don’t forget it. Also if I am using a clearing mask, I apply a thicker moisturizer or a deeply nourishing oil, as well as a sleeping mask.

When setting the chill mood in the room, I put my diffuser on and then now that it’s a tad bit colder, I put my electric blankie on, make a warm cup of something, but not coffee, and lay in my warm bed and either watch some series or attempt to read. But I am not a big fan of reading so sometimes I listen to Audible as well, or a nice sleepy time meditaion.

That’s my little pamper routine. Sundays I just add doing a mani and pedi and actually styling my hair. Or sometimes I style on a Friday, it all just depends on my mood these days. But I do believe that it is super important to make time for you alone. And now that I am spending so much time with my family, although I love them, it’s a bit much.

These time-outs help a lot. Or sometimes I just go to buy groceries lol, just for a little peace and quiet.

Let me know what your tips are for an awesome at home pamper session.

*PS* All the images used are from Pexels.


  1. I am already quite good with the skincare routine, love Epsom salt baths 😍 need to maybe start doing body scrubs,I don’t do this. And also be more consistent with my heels.

    1. Dude, my heals drive me insane, not that I wear open shoes but I like to look at pretty feet lol… And body scrubs are a mst for me especially with this dry skin, shew

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