May 2015 – Best Of – Part 2 (Hair)

Hey Gorgeous!

I’m Back! This time with some hair stuff …. This one will be short and sweet


Since I’ve already done my 1st impressions on Kevin Murphy , those of you who read that ,I’m sure you anticipated this would be in my favorites! I was trying to stretch this bottle so that I could use it for as long as possible… This scent is really intoxicating to me…. My hair is soft and shiny and seems to just get better and better with each wash so thanks to the people at The Test Box… That was a great sample!

The Schwarzkopf Colour Brillance spray – I bought this simply because it was on sale and my Redken Flash sine spray was finished. This products obviously offers no hold, but the shine it provides as a finishing product is awesome, it also has a very sweet scent but I dont mind it at all , even though I’m not a fan of such scents in general….I also used this in conjunction with a dry shampoo on my skip a wash day and even though some dry shampoos tend to take away shine, this is perfect to get the overall refreshed effect.

Also a side note, when I tested these products initially I didn’t use them together just to get the full effect of what each one does..

Until next time 😉



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