Boxyluxe March 2020 – A Shocking Unboxing

Hello lovelies, hope you are all holding up ok. I did a “unboxing” on my Instagram stories but I decided to do a full Boxyluxe March 2020 Unboxing here as well. So let’s get straight into it.

The cost of the box

So this one was R859.53 , it is the most expensive of the boxes. Sadly I made a stupid mistake and opted out of the Fenty box in error. I meant to swop the luxe for that one but oh well, we live and learn, to read!. Ok so then the shipping cost for this one was R409.00 from Aramex Global Shopper. If you are new here, or missed that post, you can read more on Aramex here . And the process to get Boxycharm, here.

If you are looking to sign up, you can do so here. *Disclaimer* this is not sponsored and I pay for everything myself, but I do earn Charms if you use my link, which I can use to purchase products from the Boxycharm store.

Boxyluxe March 2020 Unboxing

So I chose the Moroccan oil Protect and Prevent Spray, because with Boxyluxe you get a choice item. Which is so awesome. I chose this because I needed a new heat protectant lol, my keraste is just about finished. Retail $28 – (R514.71). But I can’t seem to find it here in South Africa, but it is on Sephora.

Boxyluxe March 2020 - Moroccan oil Protect and Prevent Spray

Spongellé – Freesia Pear scent. I have received Spongellé a few times before. Once from Fab Fit Fun and once from Boxycharm. I love this sponge. It is infused with the body wash and makes shower time so easy and delicious smelling. This one retails for $16 – (R294.12). You can check it out here.

Boxyluxe March 2020 - Spongellé - Freesia Pear

Pmd Clean -cleansing device. I was so excited to get this because my Foreo died. I got rechargeable batteries and everything, it just won’t budge. So when I saw this was going to be in the box (after I realized I opted out of the wrong box) I was so happy. This device retails for an insane $99 – (R1819.88) . I mean if that doesn’t make this worth it then I don’t know. But for me it makes the whole mix up well worth it. It is battery operated, that’s the one downfall. I wish it was rechargeable. I really can’t wait to start using it. The Boxyluxe March 2020 outdid itself with this product.

Sol de Janeiro bum bum cream. These little jars they keep sending is actually annoying now. Just send the full size please Boxycharm, geez. This cream smells amazing and I have used it before. I don’t see a difference in my skin, because these mini pots are useless. So I basically use it for the scent lol. But we also received the Coco Cabana cream, I am keen to try that one though. These mini’s are $10 each so this duo is $20. Thats a whopping R367.65. Can you just imagine for this 3 day use containers, dammit.

Nars Powermatte pigment – The shade I got is ‘Done it again’. This one retails for $26 – (R477.95) for lipstick. But then again it is Nars right. I have some Dose of Colors and I love them, plus this shade is so chocolatey I love it. It is right up my alley. I feel like I can compare this to the dose ones because I love that Chocolate wasted shade.

QMS Lip Line Corrector – Holy balls just now when I wanted to look up the price I almost died. Shit! This thing is £155.00 – (R3475.46). What the actual hell. I need to see if this works now. Wow!!!! I found it on the QMS website, which you can check out here.

Elizabeth Mott Show me your cheeks blush in ‘Peachy Peach‘ – FML no man , what ingredients are going into these items , this bad boy retails for $23 – (R422.80) . I mean it’s a blush, come on man. I have one last item to go and then we’re done ok.

But shew what a box so far , WOW! I am totally glad I made that dumbass mistake now lol.

Last but not least I received the Boxycharm Hello Charmer Palette. This one retails for $39.00 – (R716.92) – seriously? That’s almost a dose of colors palette. Wow.

Total retail for my March Boxyluxe was $441.00 that’s an insane R8106.73, What the actual F#&^ . In terms of value for money, Boxycharm knocked it out of the park this time, sheeew. I don’t know how effective these things are. And for a second I thought the prices were inflated but it’s not. I am happy to pay R1268.53 for R8000 worth of goods right? Are you?





Let me know in the comments if you think it’s worth it?


Also I know the Boxyluxe March 2020 unboxing is late but due to the lockdown the package was at Customs. Seems everything is back on track now , so hopefully it’s the last extremely later post I do. Sorry babes, but let’s chat and tell me if you think I should do a full review on this QMS Serum. Because shew I wanna know if it’s worth the R3000.00



  1. Oh my word 🙀 that’s amazing….. that price difference is crazy. And looks like it came with a few good items

    1. Yeah like I said that lip serum threw me. Like I really thought Boxycharm inflated the price for sale purposes lol

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