Firstly thanks for stopping by, before we go any further let’s clear the air about a few things.

All reviews on my blog are based on my own personal experience with a product. Keep in mind that everyone is different, you are unique and so am I.
So what works for me, may not work for you. I think by now everyone knows that bloggers are simply expressing their OWN opinions and experiences.

If a blog post is sponsored (this means I have been paid by a brand to review or feature a product), I will always indicate it in the post. If a product has been sent to me for review purposes, I will make it very clear in the blog post, but this will not sway my opinion, I can assure you.

All images used on my blog are taken by me if it is, however, a stock photo I will be sure to indicate it and give credit where credit is due.

What is written here is not intended to offend or hate on anything or anyone, in the case of MY parenting tips, this is what worked for ME, I am by no means calling anyone else a bad parent! in the case of products or services, if I have a bad experience with a product or poor service, I will ALWAYS be honest, but I will try to do so in the nicest possible way.

If you don’t like what I write or my opinions please feel free to not subscribe, but being hateful is not acceptable…I will banish you to the naughty corner!

Other than that everyone, please browse around, subscribe, engage and enjoy!

If I am supplying links or pricing information, just know it was correct at the time of posting, if this changes when you see it, please check with the relevant company.

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