5 Popular makeup items I don’t like at all

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Most of what bloggers write about is things they love, or at least I do. I don’t like to write many negative reviews. But I have 5 popular items that I don’t like at all. I have to say, through the years there are some items I just don’t get the hype about and I am about to tell you what they are.


Kat Von D tattoo liner

Popular makeup Kat von D tattoo Liner

I love winged liner, and when I got this in an Allure beauty box I was so excited. And then it arrived and I hated it from the first swipe. The tip is incredibly annoying, and I have learnt that I don’t like brush tips at all. Then the pigmentation, I mean seriously, I have to keep going over and over the line. I cannot stand it.

Oh my word let’s not even talk about the transfer to my upper lid, I have hooded eyes and most liners transfer, if I’m being honest, but there are so many drugstore liners that perform way better than this one. I tried my best but I just don’t like this liner at all. I really don’t get why this is or was so popular, do you ?

For more on the liner, click here.

Gerard cosmetics setting spray

I just got this and that lemongrass variant, smells like an assault on the senses. I used that once and gave it away, I just couldn’t. Deep down I believed the watermelon would be better, it was not! It has thins tingly feeling, which I wouldn’t mind, but it lasts for a good 10 minutes and I just do not like this! At ALL!!!

I was very sad to find that because I actually bought it for a giveaway and I can’t in good conscious include this knowing I don’t like it! The scent is so strong and lingers and it’s not a gentle fragrance like the mac fix +, noooo this is something else.

Becca Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder

This is a recent addition to my collection, courtesy of Boxycharm. In all honesty I was so excited for this powder, I thought, finally a good powder for dry skin. I will say, to set my face it’s not bad but under the eye, it changes the color of my concealer, and looks more dry.

Perhaps it will work better for baking, but as an under eye setting powder I don’t like this at all. I do love the cooling sensation, it’s a very fascinating product. But I don’t usually set my face so I am not holding on to it. Retail on this is $39 at Ulta.com and I can’t see myself spending that kind of money, when Maybelline and Rimmel powders are so much cheaper, and work like a bomb!

Briogeo Strength and moisture leave in mask

I loved the sample of the don’t despair repair mask we received in on of our Boxycharm boxes last year. But I do not like this leave in spray at all. It makes my hair feel like I haven’t rinsed out the conditioner properly, and weighs it down. It causes my hair to get oilier faster than usual too. I know this brand is totally hyped up and I did really like the mask, but this is just not it for me. Perhaps it’s because my hair is so thick, but who knows. Have you tried this and do you like it?

Nyx highlight and contour palette

With this one I tried so hard to like it and I think I must have used it at least 10 times. But I just don’t like it at all, I personally much prefer the morphe contour palette to this one. Sad but true. Also the prices aren’t too far off so it’s not like it’s a massive saving. This one retails for R399.00 at clicks. And I got the Morphe contour palette from Muse Beauty for R450 if I remember correctly, but that was a while ago.

So to be fair I don’t like very many powder products but I don’t enjoy this Nyx one at all, it’s very powdery and too pigmented for me. I feel I have no control when face products are that pigmented and then I spend too much time blending it in. I get that people with oilier skin would enjoy this, but for me I don’t get what made it so popular, I really don’t. Let me know if you like this and how you make it work?


Aside from my tardiness, I hope you enjoy this post. Some of the items here are lightly used and if you would like to purchase any, feel free to pop me an email or leave a comment. Or find me on socials (links are in the side bar, we can chat there too), what are your popular items that you didn’t enjoy much? Come on you can tell me I won’t tell, and no judgement here 🙂


Have a stunning week Be YOU tiful! you’re worth it!


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