Instantly Blur ? Revolution Blur Primer

Enlarged pores is a real issue for me, and what’s worse is I have dry skin, so I don’t understand why they are so big. None the less, I am always on the hunt for a good pore filling/blurring primer. As luck would have it I ran out of my Maybelline one, and as usual I was taking a long romantic stroll down the makeup isle at Clicks. What should I happen upon? The Revolution Blur Primer, and with my major issue with my pores there was no way I wasn’t buying something with BLUR in the name.

I have seen this all over Instagram so of course I had to get it and try it, I mean. Beauty blogger and all. Regardless, I bought because aside from all this I actually do have a shopping problem.

Revolution Blur Primer

What revolution says about this primer

“We understand enlarged pores can be a nightmare. Those pesky holes deep rooted in the skin can drive us crazy! Reduce and minimize the appearance of pores with Revolution Pore Blur Primer. This is your answer to a Poreless and smoother looking base. Apply the silky gel formula to the face after moisturizing and before foundation. The peach primer will blur the appearance of pores and set makeup in place all day. Contains antioxidant-rich Vitamin E to help nourish your skin.”


Does all this hold true for the Revolution Blur Primer?

Is this the answer to Poreless skin? Nope, blurred, yes absolutely. This is certainly not one of those products that will minimize but not erase the pesky holes. It most certainly is a very silky and velvety soft feeling primer. It reminds me of the sorbet primer, and also the hourglass veil mineral primer.

Very cloud /marshmallow like, I really like how it makes my skin feel. But I feel like it needs to be thicker so that it can actually fill the pores. So I guess if yours aren’t so enormous , you’ll really enjoy it. If your only issue is oily skin, you’ll love it.

Revolution Blur Primer texture

Does it set makeup all day? I don’t know about setting but I feel like it does really help with it staying put for longer.

Looking to get your hands on this? Then just click here, you can pick this up at Clicks for only R159.00. For the size I think it’s well worth it when compared to the Smashbox purple one. Now that is a pore filling primer incase you were wondering. I usually just get the travel size because, a) it’s cheaper and b) it lasts forever, minimum 6 months.

Revolution Blur Primer

Overall I like it , but I don’t think it blurs as much as I would personally like it to. Would I recommend it, yes. It’s affordable and it does blur , I just want more.

Also if any of you can please tell me how to minimize the size of these pores permanently I would appreciate it. Keeping in mind that I do have dry skin, and have to consider that. I think the only thing left for me to try is the ice trick, but I feel that will only work until my skin returns to it’s normal temp. Then back to square one for me. So in short in the long run I don’t want to have to blue anymore, I want them gone like when I was 28 lol.


I keep meaning to try the trick where you set your primer with powder, then apply foundation. Have any of you tried that trick? I wonder if it would work on my skin or just age me more!?


If there are any primers you could recommend please leave it in the comments for me. And I’m not being dramatic, I have very visible pores and would like to erase them.


But that’s all for now … We can chat more below or come find me on instagram.

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