Happy Cannabis?

Hey Scarlet’s

A few weeks ago I was sent some samples of CBD oil skincare. Was this a Happy Cannabis? Hell yeah. Just so you know I was not asked to write this review in exchange for the products nor is this a sponsored post! As if I do any LOL. So let’s chat about Cannabis shall we?

The benefits of using Cannabis oil?

So I am no expert on this, and won’t pretend to be, but if you want more info on the benefits of using Cannabis on your skin, you can click here. I know it helps with anti ageing and is actually good for you.

Ok so now I am going to totally sound either old or like a dork. But when I received the message on Instagram to get the samples of the CBD oil, I got so excited because I thought it was for consumption lol. No I don’t do drugs, but I was certainly curious. So when I received the package, I won’t deny I experienced some disappointment. None the less I soldiered on because I also wanted to know what it could offer my skin.

I am mean I’m not 18 anymore and I will take any help I can get.


Cannabis Skincare

No lie it’s not pretty. These samples didn’t come in some fancy Sunday Riley sample glass dropper bottle, with a gold cap. No it was very organic packaging shall we say :). Typically this would make me through it away, because yes I am that snob. But again my curiosity got the better of me.

Turmeric Capsules

When I saw these capsules I was taken a back. Because it’s not often I receive ‘vitamins’ or supplements or even products that’s not for topical application. I can’t say if these had any effect on my skin but I do believe it for sure made it a little more radiant. And I can actually see the difference now that I’ve stopped taking it. Also as a mixed race, turmeric is actually a good beauty product for skin brightening. But again I apply this to my skin, mixed with a little plain yoghurt and some coconut oil as a mask.

CBD Toothpaste

I can’t, I just can’t, (reference: 2 broke girls). Nope! This one got a good old college try but I can’t. I need my minty fresh breathe provided by Colgate, followed by a round of white glo. I must have attempted this one at least 5 days but to be honest the look grosses me out. So Sadly I can’t give you a review of this one. Maybe one of my kids will use it by mistake, when I prank them one day. But personally I can’t. And when I say I tried , it got as far as my toothbrush, and never passed my lips 🙁

CBD Face mask

I have dry skin, so when I saw the squid ink hue of this pot, I was nervous it would be targeted towards oily skin. It’s not, I don’t think. This to me is a charcoal mask, but there are oils mixed it and it’s pretty comfortable. It doesn’t dry up like a clay mask and once you remove it, your skin is left hydrated and plump but very clean feeling. I also detected some tea tree oil which is said to help with acne, incase you were wondering.

Cannabis Pit Paste

I laughed my head off for this pot, yes because I’m juvenile, but also because I wasn’t sure how to use it and of course the name. No lie I was so skeptical about this I refused to use it during the week, so I tested it over a weekend. And surprisingly it worked! I was so shocked. Ok it doesn’t keep you dry but it sure contains the smellies. I decided to test it on an extremely hot day so that why the rivers were flowing, and I was actually busy. But in the office, with aircons etc. it works great, because I’m not exerting excessive amounts of energy and moving furniture around like a crazy person. Going to the gym?, then use your tried and trusted ones, just saying.

Cannabis Eye Serum

Based on my experience I think this one contains coconut oil, because on the colder days it gets more solid. I prefer to use it that way so I leave it in the fridge. When it liquifies it does some weird pilling on the skin, and I don’t like that at all. It feels kinda like smashed banana, and I hate bananas. But efficacy? I don’t think it did much in the way of dark circles, but it sure does moisturize like a bomb. With coconut oil or any oil as an ingredient I don’t see how it wouldn’t be moisturizing. Anti ageing, this is going to take a while for me personally to feel the effects, but we shall see, the jury is still out on this one.

Cannabis face wash

This one looks like it has actual leaves in there but I found that it provides a gentle exfoliation that way. I will say I had a minor reaction when I first started using this, the first few days it actually tingled on my skin. This left my skin slightly red. Along with the oil, this also had a sting to it, but that seemed to subside after about 3 days, with no breakouts.

So thank you to Anet from Instagram for the samples, I don’t think I would have tried this otherwise. It’s been quiet an experience, especially for someone who is obsessed with fragrance. Now, I know not to judge a book by its cover or smell. I should try more natural products.


And finally the question on everyone’s minds, does it make you high or chill, NO! It’s not a drug guys, it’s just naturally derived products that are better for your skin than all the chemicals we use these days.

Would I re-purchase these, if the smell changed yes, but not that toothpaste lol. I’m a chicken and I know it. Ooh and the turmeric capsules, but then again I’m mixed race so I basically eat turmeric daily anyway lol, just probably not in the right dosage.

That’s all folks have an wonderful week!

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