My Winter Must Haves + an AWESOME Giveaway

Hey Loves, this one will be short and sweet. This is probably going to be the best winter of my life. I don’t have to get up and go out into the cold every morning to go to work …Yay!!! No I still don’t think all that is happening right now is anything to celebrate. But learning to find the good in every situation sure helps. So let me show you my Winter Must Haves oh and there’s a little something for you too.

Let me firstly say, I love winter. I am not a summer person. To me it feels like even when I am in almost no coverings, I am still so hot lol, not like , Oooh damn I’m so hot. But like I just want to climb into a fan and live there. There is nothing pleasant about Summer other than, well nothing. It’s sticky and we are sweaty and just no.

Ok so let’s dive in

My Winter Must Haves


Lifestyle-ish items

First and foremost is body scrub, shew I get scaly. Like my skin looks like it’s shedding. So I usually just DIY mine. Some olive oil or Coconut oil, coffee grounds and sugar. I can’t share a recipe because I just eye ball it, and I make a small batch every time I’m ready to scrub.

A good moisturizer. This year I am using the Nivea, the Dove cream or E45 is my usual suspects, but last year I used the Nivea too, and my skin looked and felt amazing, so I continued with it. If it stops working I will definitely go back to one of the others.

Winter Must Haves

Fluffy socks. And Typo [affiliate link] came through, not only are these my favorite color, but they don’t show dirt and the words are epic! It’s like typo’s designer is me living out a different but similar life lol. Same potty mouth/sense of humor, I love it. I couldn’t get a good picture, but these are the ones.

My heater coz duh. And my electric blanket. There is nothing like getting into a warm bed. I slide my socks in while I take a shower, to calm down and chill out, while my towel is being warmed by the heater, which my daughter balls up and runs over to me in the bathroom when I’m ready. Best thing my dad ever showed me was warming up towels!

My onesie. If I was to be stranded on an island that is coming with me for sure.


Skincare Items

A good sleeping mask , and definitely a more cream type cleanser. I use foaming ones with my double cleanse on the daily, but as makeup prep, especially on a cold morning, I prefer a cream cleanser.

Good hydrating mask for when I’m lounging or rather these days, working in my warm bed. I get a 2 in 1 experience. Get sh!t done and treat my skin. This time of year, I leave the clay and pore cleansing masks for like once a month if necessary. But with the pandemic the I don’t find myself wearing a lot of makeup anyway, I do eyes and the face mask covers the rest so I don’t bother lol…is this just me? I’m really curious.


Self Care thingy ma bops

And a journal, I am writing and reflecting a lot more these days, and it seems to be a trend for me in winter. Curl up in bed with my baby and we write. That’s become our thing. We fall off the wagon no doubt, but I try to keep it going as much as possible, even if it’s once a week.


Eats and Treats

Soup for sure. Especially a creamy butternut soup. Love it , with some toast…Mmmmmm delicious. I buy cup-a-soup and just add some cream or milk and extra black pepper.

And that’s really my things I know I do or have every winter since I was around probably 15 or so. Aside from beauty stuffs. There was no beauty things when I was growing up. But I did a lot of DIY masks and still do today. My fav one is yoghurt, turmeric and honey. I love that stuff. In winter I add a tiny bit of olive oil (also I can afford olive oil now lol). But yeah…

If you wanted to hang out some more, you can check out my previous post here.


Comment Question

What are some of your winter must haves?


Ok and finally it’s here, the giveaway!!!!

As always its just a little thank you for all of your support.

Rules to Enter

♥ The giveaway is only open to readers residing in South Africa.

There will only be one winner chosen at random

The competition ends on 24 July 2020 at midnight and a winner will be drawn by 26 July 2020.

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The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize after which a new winner will be chosen.

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Good Luck everyone !!!!


  1. I am a winter lover too 😊 I think I need to start journaling, i think it would help to work through some things. Love soup as well, currently making a veggie soup 😍 I have still been wearing makeup, have started using hemp seed oil under my make up, what a game changer for my makeup.

      1. Ah man sorry I didn’t see the your response 🙈 it’s Lativa, a friend of mine actually bought it and decanted some for me. It’s lovely

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