5 things you need to know about natural birth.

Hey lovelies.

I know I’ve been doing a ton of reviews and beauty posts and kinda put the parenting on the back end. But I realized after watching jambeauty89’s postpartum video that many people may actually need some help. For me having natural birth was a definite learning experience that I would like to share.

So with my first son I was only 20. I had an amazingly easy pregnancy, as well as with my other 2 kids. But way back when youtube and blogs wasn’t what it is today, there wasn’t a lot of places to go to for advice or guidelines. Plus my mom had already past away so there was that.

I knew from day 1 when we found out that I was going to have natural birth, but I didn’t know what to expect from it. Anyway I was totally unprepared for what lied ahead. And I had to give birth in a government hospital. That in itself was life experience lol.

None the less here are 5 things you need to know about natural birth.

natural birth

The hospital Bag

1. Pack your hospital bag at least 2 weeks before your due date. It should be a go bag that’s easy to get to. This will ensure you can grab and go. When you choose natural birth and labor pains kick in there’s no time to mess about for a bag, especially if you want an epidural.


Clean your downstairs

2. Shave your parts. I am Muslim so this is a normal part of my routine. But when I eventually got to go to a private hospital with my second son, they checked to see if they needed to shave me lol.

Thankfully, I was shaved but imagine I wasn’t, I would have died of embarrassment. Having natural birth means the baby is coming out you know where, I don’t think the first experience your little one has, is hair. Just me? What if he or she confuses you for daddy later on. Coz of the scratchiness lol.


The Enema

3. The Enema is f***** up to say the least. For me there was no explanation no nothing, just mam can you please drop your pants and bend over the bed.

If you ever hear that and you’re in labor, you’re most likely getting an Enema. For those of you who don’t know, it feels like a warm liquid, but nothing uncomfortable or even nearly as bad as a suppository! I think the nurse just caught me off guard lol.

Also the shit show is immediate. This is not like when our parents gave us castor oil and orange, and you had at least 10-15 minutes to get your comics ready, nope!. With this , what goes in, must come out and bring everything with it and just about instantaneously. I pulled up my bottoms and had to go that’s how fast this stuff works. (be ready!).


Labor Times

4. Prepare for a long painful stay. My labor was 48 hours short and I thought I was literally gonna die, it was around the 12 hour mark when I wanted to perform my own C-section, but it was too late for an epidural and so cave man style it had to be.

Choose wisely and make sure you can deal with what lies ahead lol.But I know there are people who have pretty easy and quick ones. Just be prepared for all scenarios. If you want to know more about this torturous experience, let me know.

If you’re opting for an epidural make sure as soon as you feel the first or latest 10th contraction, you’re on route to the hospital.


Breathing while in labor

5. Breathing is utter BS. It helps nothing except make you wanna smoke! I think it’s meant to distract you from labour pains but after 24 hours that pain is un-ignorable.


I know you’re feeling a bit nervous now, or maybe even after reading this but don’t! you’re going to be ok, and you going to get through it. Don’t panic and just be prepared.

These are the things that stood out to me when I had to experience it for the 2nd time. Let us know in the comments what your top tips are for soon to be moms.

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Happy labor to all the expecting moms and have a Be You tiful week gorgeous!

You’re worth it!


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