Kopari Coconut oil! Worth the Hype?

Hey Scarlet’s


Shew I know I am inconsistent these days. But the winter slump is real! I apologize. Anyway I saw this on youtube (coz where else would I have seen it), a while a go. The way everyone went on about it I had to have it. So when a Kopari kit was available on Fab fit fun’s usual sale, I jumped right on it. What I will say is that the packaging is totally up my alley. Very simple and clean and white always looks good to me.

Now, I’ve been using coconut oil for so many years , right. Remember (to all the mixed race / Indian girls) the blue parachute one? That we bought at the Gorima lol. Even sometimes the freaken spice shop! I know I’m taking you back hey, way back into time. None the less other than Amla oil this was the other hair oil we used growing up.

Then it died out a little because we were very first class. Started with our first world problems! Ok ok enough about the good old days 🙂

Let’s talk Kopari

I think that all of these products I tried are basically coconut oil in different vessels. That’s about it!

I wouldn’t say it’s the best coconut oil I’ve ever used because all organic coconut oil is the freaken same thing. I also don’t get why the hell we have to pay for packaging I mean this stupid little set, set me back a $19 but keep in mind that was the sale price, I can’t find a full retail price for this anywhere now though. But I believe at the time it was like $40 (I THINK- NOT SURE).


Now let’s see the worth. I currently buy the one from Dischem , 1ltr for about R150.00, when it’s on special. This set can’t even begin to make 1 ltr.

Kopari Coconut Melt – Mini Melt Retails for $18

Kopari Coconut Melt

The mini is 2.5 oz. right, already this is not worth it. $18 is currently equivalent R256.11 that’s not taking shipping and possible customs into account. Is it different to any other coconut oil I’ve used? Nope. It doesn’t melt any differently, or even easier. I will never know if it absorbs better into my skin or hair follicles, and it sits on the skin like all other coconut oils.

Kopari Coconut sheer oil

Kopari Sheer Oil

I can’t find this on the website at all! But I was super excited to get a liquid version. Then I used it for about 2 weeks and guess what it hardened up like a normal coconut oil. I asked myself how the hell did they get it to stay liquid for so long. And dupe me into thinking it was a different product? I still don’t know to be honest but what a waste. I had to start liquefying it in warm water to be able to use it!

Kopari Coconut Balm

Kopari Balm

If I ever had a reason to laugh it was this. This one was the opposite of the sheer oil. Started out like a lip balm and then it got hot one day and it was liquid. I have never experienced that with any lip balm ever, and then I just knew this is all just coconut oil in different vessels. A waste of my money, truly!

Kopari Coconut Body Glow

Kopari Glow Oil

This just right out pissed me off! There is no nice way to say this is oil and glitter. Although it looks like a nice bronzy glow, it’s not. Personally, I wasn’t super thrilled with the Ofra Body Illuminizer, but I will buy that any day over this. What total BS, this if nothing else pissed me off on a whole other level.


Let me know if you’ve had these same experiences or if you had a better one. I am deeply disappointed in these products.

Have a wonderful week gorgeous! You’re worth it!


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