Family Friday: Stealing Mom’s makeup

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So I decided to TRY (Emphasis on TRY) a series on the blog, I decided on Family Friday’s because it seems the parenting bit of this blog has taken a bit of a back seat lol, sorry! I decided to kick the Family Friday series off with a makeup-ish post, you know for balance and coz I love makeup that much and so does my daughter apparently. You know we were all there at some point right, Stealing Mom’s makeup, where else would we have learnt about makeup aside from magazines?

I would never have even guessed my baby was “using” / destroying my makeup if I didn’t have a very weird condition, I can’t share lip products and no it’s not a theory I have actually tried and tested my suspicion. So everytime someone (anyone even my kids) use any of my lips products I get fever blisters. It’s very annoying because there are times I want my friends to try something or I want to try a lipstick of theirs and I can’t because of this problem.

So my poor baby thought she was wearing my red lipstick in the sly and when I went to use it, you guessed it I got a fever blister! I was furious because it’s ugly and if I recall I had an interview that week…It was really not the ideal time for this, never the less, I told her not to play with the lipsticks, the eyeshadow was fair game but I had to explain why, poor kid was only 5, so as you would expect, we say Don’t they hear please do it lol.

Stealing Mom's makeup
cute beautiful little girl kid using lipstick makeup.

Stealing Mom’s makeup

Next time she must have thought it was the RED lipstick that was the problem, she used a nude. Following week bam! I have a fever blister , at that point I decided, that it is too difficult to try to explain to her why she can’t use it, because I was afraid she would feel like I was singling her out, so I bought a small selection of lipsticks that I would leave on my desk, MY lipsticks I would hide in my drawer or makeup bag, and we haven’t had a problem since **mom tip**.

The makeup was never my mother’s thing she was insane about her skincare though! So I never had to steal because I had my Tinkerbell, come to think of it she probably encouraged this makeup thing I’ve had since forever. What I used to ‘steal’ of my moms were shoes! She had such a collection of stilettos, every colour under the sun including orange…I was obsessed and that’s probably where my other addiction came from lol.

If your daughter is / son is stealing your makeup and you don’t want them to, because Too Faced and Urban Decay is not cheap so therefore not for play time! Here are some tips I have for you :


1. Make a Date of it

For me and my daughter, Friday evening’s are mess around time. Her dad hates it when she messes with makeup and nail polish but we have agreed that now and then it’s ok and we don’t go overboard. I would like her to feel that it’s ok and it’s not something you have to hide or be ashamed of.


2. Pick Makeup appealing to kids and adults (Packaging wise)

I prefer essence especially the ‘Special Edition’ ones, their packaging is too adorable and I am going to buy and use the makeup myself anyway. This way she feels like we are using the same stuff but doesn’t end up breaking the really high-end stuff. This way she feels like she can ask, and doesn’t have to do anything behind my back. I think other thank tinkerbell, Essence Cosmetics is a good choice, because the packaging is adorable and you most likely use their products for yourself, coz they are pretty awesome.

3. Use subtle colours

I like to stick to very neutral colours, with a pop on the lid sometimes, even then it’s always pinks and purples, and I blend my head off so that it’s not too outstanding. Then add a dab of blush and some lipstick. And that’s all folks

4. Try to avoid foundation type products

I personally con my daughter lol, I won’t actually apply foundation or bb cream but I bounce the sponge on her skin and once the blush and eyeshadows are on she won’t know the difference anyway because her skin is perfect, so there is no need to cover anything.

5. Let her do your makeup and hair too

Give her a turn to play too… Let her do your makeup and hair also. The other thing we do is one week we will apply makeup to each other, then, the following week, we do our own makeup. I have noticed now that she is a bit older she prefers to do this with her friends but she doesn’t look like a clown lol, and I see the natural tendencies now.

Those are my top 5 tips for allowing your daughter to play with some makeup without going overboard. I will say it is not something I initiated but along the way she started messing about, and I just went with it because she will either love makeup like I do someday or she won’t but I want her to explore all her interests, without any judgement.

Let me know what traditions you have with your kids?

Till next week! Have a Be YOU tiful week! You’re worth it!

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