Introducing Nikel Cosmetics – was it any good?

Hey Scarlet’s

Happy Monday! Recently I was contacted by Nikel cosmetics to receive some products to try out. But it is not a paid or sponsored post by any means. I was also not asked to review it. Now that, that’s out of the way. Let me tell you all about my experience with Nikel Cosmetics.

The Interaction

I have to say, their PR team is extremely efficient and professional and tbt if they ever offered a sponsorship, I would have no problem accepting. The lady kept in touch with me, followed up on me receiving the package. The condition the package was received in. Based on previous PR experiences, I found her to be a breathe of fresh air. Not forceful at all and always willing to answer any questions I had.

The Packaging

Expensive looking is an understatement for the cream. It’s clear acrylic/plastic, but very glass looking. Even if this product sucked, I would hold onto this cube just for how pretty it is. Yes, it’s schopit, but it’s gorgeous. Then, the cream cleanser is pretty normal looking lol, but it’s a pump! That’s always a winner in my book.

Nikel Cosmetics – Nikel Cleansing Milk with Immortelle

Nikel Cosmetics

A cream cleanser is always my first pick. That’s due to my dry skin. I think the only foaming cleanser I personally enjoy is the Neutrogena hydro boost. I did a full review here. The thing that I love the most about using a cream cleanser is that, I can use it with a muslin cloth as a makeup remover too.

Doing this ensures I am not a dried out prune once my face is clean. If you’re looking for a good cream cleanser, especially for the dry winter months, check this one out. Keep in mind it’s not cheap, like the hydro boost, or dirty works (Do they even still sell this in Clicks?). But it’s worth it. This retails for R479 currently on takealot. In case you wanted to check it out.

The face cream – Nikel Nutris Face Cream

Lacking moisture? Not after you use this face cream. It is so rich, and thick. I like to really warm it up in my hands before applying to my face. But being careful not to rub it into my hands. It really is extremely thick and rich. This is also not one I would use in the mornings.

To me this is so rich I use it at night to ensure the best possible absorption. Again this is not an affordable product, but so worth it for R995.00 for 50ml. It sounds like I was dropped on my head, or paid to say this. But I assure you, I was not. As usual click here to check it out.

My skin is so dry that in winter it actually flakes off. And I started using this around Mid May, and my skin is soft and supple and so hydrated. I had a mini cold, and it even soothed the area around my nose. I don’t know what voodoo they used to make this cream, but it is truly exceptional.

Do you know the fear of something being used up? At this point I feel that fear. Almost like an anxiety attack, so I started saving hahahhaha. By winter 2020 I will be able to repurchase.

Final Thoughts

Hubby even asked me if I think it’s a placebo and no I don’t, I didn’t check the price or any details until looking for links for this post. Like I said I can be a real crocodile in winter and I believe, that this aided in a comfortable winter thus far. I mean, I only apply this cream at night. Then I use the cleanser twice daily as normal. But when I walk outside in the cold my cheeks don’t crack.

It feels like normal skin is now a possibility for me. Thank you Nikel Cosmetics for your voodoo.

So using nikel cosmetics in conjunction with the Sunday Riley oil has saved my skin immensely this winter. And before you make assumptions I know this cream made a dramatic difference because I was using the C.E.O oil before I started adding this. And that oil provides glow, but this cream definitely provides moisture like no other face cream I’ve used thus far.

So let’s chat about your experiences with this one, if you’ve tried it! If not are you going to?

Have a wonderful week gorgeous! You’re worth it!



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