What I’ve learnt working from home during the lockdown

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I am not going to drone on about how sad this all is, even though it is. I will say, stay strong and this too shall pass. So over the past week, I’ve started working from home, because my job allows me to do so. It is very extremely challenging with the kids here too. These youngens have it in their heads that, I am here to play maid and chef. So on day 2 I literally lost my cool and had to have a talk with them about boundaries. So here’s I’ve learnt working from home during this lockdown.

Working from home
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Setting boundaries with your family

First and foremost you have to set boundaries. Now my youngest kid is 12, and in my mind they would have used some little common sense. Well they did not sir! I actually had to explain to them that although I am home, I still have work to deliver. For me the hard part is I am an analyst, when my stakeholders require data or an analysis, and I have 2 days to produce it. At work no problem, because the connectivity is great. At home, we are all online and our work VPN is taking a lot of strain at the moment. So I have to , have to focus. There is no mucking about here.

Here is exactly how I did that.

  1.  They usually make their own breakfast in the week (like school holidays because I leave quite early) , that will not change because I am here.
  2.  Made a cleaning schedule, because I am not about to be a live-in cleaner, nor , am I about to live in chaos.
  3.  Setting an eating schedule (breakfast, lunch and dinner), because these teens and tween can eat. Holy hell I was in total shock at how much they eat.
  4.  They have to wake up at a decent hour and do school work for a min of 1 hour in the morning, then chores. The rest of the day they may continue with Fortnite and YouTube. Now I’ve said that in the evening they need to take another break, for supper and dishes. I felt I had to do this because they just wont look away from those damn screens.
  5.  If I manage to complete what I have to do for the day (because I wake up so early) , we can chill (again mostly with my daughter). Otherwise I am offlimits all day, and it’s non negotiable.

Schedule everything

Before I left the office we received projects that we need to submit in April. I have now scheduled and allocated time to each task, daily based on what I know, about how long it takes. Of course there are speed bumps and hiccups but at least I know that I have build in 3 days as a buffer for such events. I also have telecon meetings from time to time, so on those days I am going to make sure I look like I do at the office, at least from the waist up.

But honestly I don’t leave anything to chance. I schedule everything except bathroom breaks lol. The thing is though I find that I am not taking lunch or proper breaks. So from this week I am adding that to the schedule too.

Time of day for best productivity

For me that’s in the morning. Beating the VPN, and connectivity. So I try my best to be up and logging on by 5:45 – 6am. With this week I learnt hard and fast that I get lazy quick. So now I’ve looked to some apps to assist, sleep cycle is my favorite. It tracks my sleep which also giving me an alarm that is kinda like a game to turn it off. Pretty annoying but get’s the job done. I get as much as I can out of the way, that requires that secure connection, then I can log off and do everything else just with wifi.

Meal Prep

This is going to save me in the long run. And I’ve decided to start taking this more seriously. Usually on a Sunday while I am making Sunday lunch, I will liquidize tomatoes for the week. From this week I am prepping onions. I am prepping veggies , everything. With all this panic buying nonsense, I will probably do the same to the herbs and just freeze them. But then I can cook throughout the day and let everything simmer (where necessary) low and slow.

I think will these Hungarians I will have to also MAYBE consider lunch boxes. Dey can eat so much dddaaammmnn. I think it would help in the long run, but maybe I will just include extra snacks, like crips of something. Otherwise come day 6 we will be foodless man.

Do Not Sit in the Lounge and work

Working from home
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This has been my biggest f-ing mistake. Binge watching/listening to shows. Nope from now on I am sitting in my bedroom and these kids need to learn to shhhhhh. I can’t take chances like that anymore. Considering I am receiving a full salary, my work should receive the attention it usually does. Because I am so grateful that I will still be getting a salary. I know 2 people already who don’t have this option and have a no work no pay company.


What I’ve learnt working from home during the lockdown, is that distraction is everywhere. As much as I’m curious about all of this, I have to keep busy and not think about it too much, it will drive me insane. I feel like as hard as I am , I am also an empath, and I just can’t take it. So I distract myself, when I’m done working of course! Make tik toks with my daughter, learning more about photography, cooking, cleaning, and just make the most of my free time. I’ve even bought some course to do on Udemy. I let those play while I am writing or running a code.

This working from home thing is tough, but also a huge teachable moment for humanity, I think.

I think businesses are learning that working from home is possible, so people don’t have to be confined to buildings therefore cutting costs. And I think we as people are learning that we can do a lot more with our time. I find that now while working from home, I am a lot less tired and cranky with my family. I am so productive personally and in my work.

Ultimately, no matter what is going on I am eternally grateful that I am working from home and spending time with my family. The circumstance sucks, but these are precious hours we won’t get back.

So that’s my thing about all of this, still very much annoyed about the delivery dates available for online shopping, but it is what it is. I’m not gonna focus on a lot of sh*t during this time. I would like everyone to just take it easy, and take this time do to the things you didn’t have time for before. Make the most of a horrible situation. And I am wishing you all good health and safety.

Here’s my previous post if you’re keen to keep distracted.

and I am hoping to do a giveaway, but I am not sure if it will ship so we can do a “LOCKDOWN IS OVER” giveaway and have something to celebrate, what do you think?

Or should I just go ahead and post it now but ship when this is over?

Let me know in the comments your “What I’ve learnt working from home during the lockdown” things or tips ?

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Stay safe and see ya’ll next time Scarlet’s


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