Weekly Motivation : Life is a journey

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope this week will be amazing! I was thinking a few years ago I read a quote on a Hulletts sugar packet, it said: ” Life is a journey, not a destination“.

Most days it feels like a destination though doesn’t it? Like we have to work towards nice homes, good education, nice cars, holidays, shopping sprees. But in all this “working towards” things we don’t actually live life, we are not experiencing the journey, because in this mindset it’s not a journey, it is a destination.

Have we ever stopped to think what good does a good education do except trap our kids in the same cycle?Not all of these are the same if a kid wants to be a doctor to make a difference and help people that’s ok as long as it’s not like “I want to be a doctor so I can drive a nice car and have a big house”.You know what I mean?

Is success really determined by money? Does it have to be?

Now yes obviously I have a shopping addiction and I had to give up some things which others deem a necessity to be able to shop and buy make-up e.g. a car or a 4 bedroom home. But I figured you know what, I have 3 children, the day I die, the fights that will ensue over MY things, that I worked for, it’s not worth it, especially if I consider that I could very well still witness this from “the other side“. I have chosen to invest my money instead, knowing that each of them will receive exactly the same when I am no longer there.

A car, yes it can be a pain not being able to just go somewhere, but let’s face it the only place I am going is to the mall to spend more money I shouldn’t be spending, and these days there’s uber! A big house, I could do with space, because I’m a shopaholic, but the stress of paying a mortgage and utilities…I don’t know, hopefully, I will grow up soon and believe that those things will add value, but right now it doesn’t feel like it will.

Why on earth do I want to pay off an item which only depreciates in value (in the case of a car) and if something goes wrong with it I have to refinance a new one thus getting stuck in the cycle of debt? All that leads to is stress, I haven’t made my car payment, I haven’t paid the mortgage.

I really don’t see the point of it all, maybe I am being naive. I don’t know but even as an adult I have zero expectations for my dad to leave me anything because I have everything I need now and I had a decent childhood, so what more could I ask for?

Am I insane or what is your point of view on the matter?


Have a be YOU tiful week! You’re worth it!


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