Weekly Motivation : Don’t look back!




Welcome back and thanks for stopping by… This is my weekly motivation: Don’t look back


It’s one thing to reminisce, it’s another thing to keep remembering bad things or reliving experiences…Stop!!! it’s holding you back accept it, let it go and move on… I know its hard, we are so deeply programmed, and this is truly easier said than done. But if you are focusing on the negatives in your past, try and focus on it from the point of view of letting it go. When it no longer has an impact on you or your life today…It no longer has any power over you…

Besides, why would you want to look back when there is so much more to come?

Bad things happen, it’s life. Learn from it and try and move on. If you can’t do it on your own, find a support system that will help you not only let go of the past but to make new memories and who lift you up and help you to look forward!

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Enjoy the rest of the week beautiful people!


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