Urban Decay South Africa Launch!

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Welcome back !

I know it’s been a while , but I am glad to be back ūüôā

So Urban Decay ! Right!

How awesome is it that this amazing brand has landed on our shores??? So I attended the store opening in Sandton City this past Saturday. I arrived¬†there at around 7 am and the¬†queue was shocking…


Let me start off by saying Welcome to Urban Decay and well done on what seemed to be a very successful launch. They ensured people were served coffee and doughnuts which was pretty cool, but only for the first 100 customers.

My gripe is really about the fact that if you were not part of the first 100 it was a gigantic disappointment. I was #147 and we were sent upstairs to be called upon when the store opened. We sat upstairs for almost 45 mins when we decided to buy (our own) coffee. When we came down the escalator,  we saw the Urban Decay promo staff handing out coffee and doughnuts however, no one checked on the customers upstairs which was the first major disappointment.

The store was scheduled to open at 10 am , so we sat around chilling in our¬†“naughty corner”¬†a.k.a upstairs and¬†at 10:10¬†am¬†we went down to join the queue as the doors were open. The security guard was¬†so¬†disrespectful¬†towards us. He kept chasing people back upstairs and¬†told¬†one customer “We will call you 10 at a time but you can’t be downstairs”.¬†Everyone at the launch¬†went out of their way to make an appearance¬†and potentially purchase some merchandise, and we all expected queues and chaos,¬†but¬†what wasn‚Äôt expected was to be treated as some kind of second class citizen.

The ‚Äėprivileged customers‚Äô were treated as royalty.¬†There was music,¬†games¬†and some giveaways¬†while the rest of¬†the¬†PAYING customers were left completely isolated.¬†I get that there had to be a perk¬†for¬†waking up at 4am to be part of the 100 but at the very least they could have perhaps sent someone up to talk to us, maybe tell us more about ALL the products they have or their top 10. I’m not saying that every person should have received a gift or any such thing, I’m sure we were all prepared to spend our money because this was a long anticipated launch in the beauty arena in South Africa, but I personally feel like it could have been handled a¬†WHOLE¬†lot better….#ourlivesmatter

This is not a bashing session I love me some UD and I am a die hard fan and will most definitely be back to do some shopping. This particular experience wasn’t the most pleasant.

Thank you for reading

Have a beautiful day gorgeous!


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