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Hey Gorgeous!

This will be my Retailbox secretbox 12 unboxing… This month once again did not disappoint…The people at retailbox know how to keep their clients happy and the service is just impeccable. If you’re interested in getting your hands on this bad boy just click here ,  note that again this is not an automatic subscription box, this one is fastest finger first…

Drum roll please….


Introducing the Schwarzkopf Miracle oil range.

Lets talk packaging – I love this color combo, again as long as its not pink, I love it lol….

The Shampoo – Smells divine, to me it smells kind of like a clean linen type of scent, mixed with a really pretty perfume. I used it immediately when I received this and oh my is this a miracle, all I used in the shower was the shampoo because there was no “Conditioner” included , this being the normal sense of a conditioner, but none the less when I washed my hair , even after the 1st wash, I didn’t feel like I even needed a conditioner. My hair was so soft and manageable and it being winter over here, everything tends to dry out (for me at least) and I love this…Still a huge Kevin Murphy fan but this stuff works! RSP R190.00 here

The Leave in conditioner – So I used the leave in conditioner just to get the full experience, so I have really thick , dry frizzy hair and this is what this line is for, but it felt like if I used too much it would definitely make my hair appear oily, so if you’re going to get and use this , use the leave in conditioner very sparingly unless you have not opted for the shampoo and perhaps choose to use a clarifying shampoo instead…RSP R190.00 here

The Restorative treatment oil –  Because I had a applied the leave in conditioner I didn’t use this on damp hair, I did however dry my hair first then I took a pea sized amount through my lengths, and then ironed it , but it’s like no other hair oil I’ve used, with the Moroccan oil, I didn’t see a difference immediately, but with this I did, my hair looked as if the cuticle had been sealed once this oil was ironed in…amazing! RSP R240.00 here

Overall very good product, I do feel like it can over load your hair unless it is really super super dry. So depending on the amount of damage, use this range sparingly, it feels like it really can weigh your hair down.

Cost of the Secretbox R190.00 excl delivery

Total Value of the products R 620.00

I would say this is definitely well worth the cost any day!

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