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Winter is officially here Scarlet’s! It is not even funny how cold it is in the mornings especially when you’re like me who leaves home at 5:45 am. To my fellow curly hair gals, we all know what effect the South African Winter season has on our freshly blow-dried hair, right? You start out silky and smooth step outside for 10 seconds and bam! You have candy floss clouds on your head!

So introducing the Tresemme┬áKeratin Smooth. Have you ever wondered how other people walk out into the cold and their hair maintains it’s silkiness, I am starting to believe they all use Tresemme! They just forgot to tell the rest of us.


Tresemme-Keratin-Smooth – Shampoo

I don’t know how to describe the scent except it is a bit floral and smells fresh. It definitely doesn’t smell like “normal” shampoo, it has a pleasant scent, unfortunately, no scent could ever beat the Kerastase Discipline┬árange in my opinion. The thing that has me a bit iffy about this shampoo is that I feel like it could contain some silicones or something like that. When you apply to wet hair it glides right in there, even if you have thick, coarse curly hair like mine.

Tresemme-Keratin-Smooth – Conditioner

To me, this is perfect for the no heat days. When I do a wash and wear, this conditioner is awesome! I don’t get frizz, my hair doesn’t get crunchy, and best of all the curl keeps its definition. On my daughter’s hair, the conditioner keeps it silky for a few days at least. And it feels like it never rinses out. You know when you’re rinsing out the conditioner, especially when it’s not your own hair, you can tell when the conditioner residue is gone!? With this you can’t tell, it maintains its silkiness.

Tresemme-Keratin-Smooth – Mask

I personally don’t think there is a ‘bad’ hair mask. In our house, only the boy’s use conditioner, unless it’s on the ‘wash and go’ days. Masks do a much better job of providing moisture in my opinion and therefore that’s all we (my daughter and I) use. I would rather not waste my time with conditioner. Since the 2 of us also only wash our hair weekly it makes more sense just to use a deep conditioner.

Tresemme-Keratin-Smooth – Shine Oil

The bottle is a bit tiny, but, you don’t need a lot of product. A little goes a long way. So like all serums, I apply this to damp hair then style as usual. I will apply another pump in the week just to bring some shine and life back to the hair. Be careful not to overdo this one though, you could end up looking like a grease ball and no one wants that.

I find with this oil we can use it as part of an oil treatment as well. Melt some coconut oil, add a small amount of olive oil and a few pumps of this. It really makes such a difference to a normal oil treatment.

Final Ratings

Would I recommend this? – Yes, but if you have my problem with your hair becoming oily take a break for a week or 2

Price Point – Super affordable, especially for the amount of product you get

Packaging – Huge and difficult to hold with wet hands, so get a pump if you can.

Where to buy – You can find this at Dischem, Clicks, takealot and many retailers nationwide.


If you were part of this campaign with Beauty Bulletin, or have just tried this range. Let us know what you like and dislike about it.


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