The Little Black Bag| June 2015 Bag

Hey Gorgeous!

My June bag has arrived and again I cannot stress enough how much I love this subscription…It is totally awesome!

You get a hand written note and some pretty cool stuff, and what I love the most is there is no other subscription like this so you are guaranteed to not receive duplicate products!

Let’s open up this bad boy!


First in came in a drawstring bag this month,which is awesome and re-usable…My sons play soccer at school and use these to carry their equipment in, so to have a spare is always a plus.

Then we open up the bag and there’s more goodies…yay!

The first box that popped out at me was the chocolate cookies ,all natural ,homemade biscuits…I cannot wait to try these because the marshmallows we received last month by The Treat Company was delectable.


Then I saw the next box and open it and it was the coolest mug ever…It depicts exactly how I feel in the morning before coffee lol… This cup allows me to be grumpy and tell people not to speak to me without me having to say a word! Would also make a great gift , but I’m keeping this one 😀


Then there is this cool lemon grass scented soap…sadly I’m a body wash kinda gal but I will be sure to use this for some kind of decor in my bathroom, the packaging is so pretty who would wanna open it any way 😉


And how’s these gloves…I swear the people who decide what goes into these bags live in my mind, I was just at the mall the other day looking for some gloves for the chilly season and these are perfect…Wooly and warm but still gives me the ability to use my phone and pc … Awesome


Then Finally we received an umbrella…It hasn’t been very rainy here this Winter, here in Jhb, but Spring will be here soon and I will have a cool umbrella for the rain…I need to go hunting for matching rain boots to rock with this clear umbrella…


I had planned on doing a shot of the umbrella opened and outside but it’s cold , I love this blog but not that much hahhahahhahaha…I would rather curl up in my warm cosy bed with my new gloves and tea in my new mug, munching on these cookies, before I would go outside for 1 picture hahahahahaha!

I hope you’ve enjoyed and ladies if you are in SA and haven’t signed up yet…go do so now not to miss out on the July box…Plus with Rubybox no longer offering a subscription you can switch to this one, hint hint nudge nudge!

Click Here

As you can see the lovely team at the LittleBlack bag are really generous and I must say very creative in putting this subscription together!

Have a stunning evening and a wonderful day tomorrow…I’ll be back on Thursday for the Battle series…

Stay Tuned



  1. I so wish I was in jhg!!! That bag is a beauty..
    In love with that mug.. You really shouldn’t even think about gifting it.. ????????????
    Hugs and love.. Mwaaaahh????????

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