The Little Black Bag| 1st Un-bagging!!!

Good Morning Gorgeous!

My first bag has arrived and I must say I was soooo anxious and when it came I was not disappointed at all!

Lets get straight into it :


Firstly the theme of this bag was load shedding, for those of you outside of South Africa, load shedding is when out power supplier cuts our electricity off for about 4 hours at a time (in my area) and we are left in the dark. This is to ease the strain on the power stations , and although it is a huge pain, it’s also kinda fun for me because then my kids are all around me and we play silly little games, like eye spy , and for once they are not glued to the television…

On that note first up is a pack of big cards hahahahaha, this is pretty cool and I’m assuming it’s coz you can barely see in the dark anyway, but now my little cheaters have no excuses that they couldn’t see what card they were playing 🙂 ,they also included these long match sticks to light up candles and the lantern with , which is so cute!


Next up we received 2 nail polishes from ralo cosmetics one of which is a glow in the dark polish which is awesome because if you follow me on instagram you’ll know I love to do nail art and also change my nails everyday to match my outfit :D…My little girl loves these and I’m sure she can’t wait to be in the dark so I can pain her nails and they can glow hahahhahaha.


Then we got some lighting – this lantern is so pretty I love it and I was sooo happy to receive a blue candle and not a pink one :D, so we received 2 candles in this bag…very generous


And finally some Marshmallows –  Now firstly let me say that I love yuppiechef and purchase all the stuff we can’t find in SA on their website, its pretty awesome…then I purchase alot of sweets from the treat company on YuppieChef and I love it , their fudge is amazing and I cannot wait to try these handmade marshmallows (if it survives the day lol)… Also I think the planners at LBB have to psychic because we have a fire place and it’s a winter weekend tradition for us to roast marshmallows with the kids at the fire , while enjoying some hot chocolate with mini ones… Yes we have really sweet teeth hahahahahhahahahha…


The cost of this bag is R249.00 , I’m not really sure what each item in here costs but I don’t really care because compared to all the other subscription boxes out there (In SA) this is by far the best one I have subscribed to, it’s like when they select a them they cover all aspects of it so meticulously,  they are also really generous with the amount of items in the bag!

If you’re in South Africa and would like to get your hands on this awesome bag, feel free to head over to LittleBlackBag…Now if you are specifically after beauty products, then this one might not be for you, but compared to rubybox and thetestbox I feel like i get alot more bang for my buck…

So glad I signed up !!!!

Hope you’ve enjoyed <3



  1. So awesome! I loved my loadshedding bag too and your blue candle looks so cute. I got a pink one just like it. Your pics are soooo tiny though lol. I’m looking forward to the June bag!

    1. Lol sometime I make them smaller so that its not all pics in the write up hahhahahahahaha…Me too this is really one of the coolest subscriptions I’ve ever had!

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