The end of the week has arrived ♡

Hey Gorgeous!

Firstly please accept my deepest apologies for being a.w.o.l …crazy few days…

So my weekend send off to you

When I started on my path or journey to self love, healing and spirituality, I really thought it would be smooth sailing because who doesn’t love themselves right and “I can change my thought patterns…Please! This is going to be a walk in the park “.

But let me tell you the universe will through things at your that your ego didn’t even know you had issues with! And this road is so rocky and hard but I must say it is so worth it, after 1 year and 6 month of true focus , it is truely coming together now. And although the tests come hard and fast, when you’re through the healing and get to letting go, it is so liberating, I truely feel it in my soul and I wake up everyday grateful to be here having this human experience!


So I hope everyone of you beautiful souls have a breath taking weekend and remember …



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