TGIF : Long Weekend send off

Hey Beauties!

First up TGIF , the weekend is here baby!!!

To all my South African have a wonderful and safe long weekend , and I hope you have an absolutely beautiful Freedom Day!

For everyone else if you would like to know what freedom day is all about… click here

Now onto my motivation


How true is this though, I feel like when I am jealous or have a feeling of longing or want, this is my ego’s way of taking my mind off the gratitude that I feel. Because despite all the things we DON’T have we also have ALOT to be grateful for on a daily basis , even if it’s the simple things in life like a cup of cofeee, there are people in the world who have nothing and can still find time to laugh, which is amazing to me.

So I hope the next time you find yourself experiencing these feeling…try and remember to step back , breathe, take a moment to let it be what it is, then remember YOU have things to be grateful for, no matter how small those things may be.

Happy weekend butiful!


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