Sunday Riley Luna Oil

Hey Scarlet’s

How are you all doing!? So a few months ago I received a sample of the Sunday Riley Luna oil in my Allure beauty box. When I saw the sneak peeks I thought it would be a full size but it was not, none the less I was still very excited to try it out. Sunday Riley products are not exactly cheap! I almost want to bet that this or something from this brand is on every beauty lovers wish list. Am I right, if so let us know what it is that you’re lusting after.

So I didn’t start with it right away, because I was testing out another skincare brand, which you can check out here if you want. As soon as I was done with those products I pulled out this oil! I just had to make sure I could see it so I didn’t forget about it :).

So let’s get into how Sunday Riley Luna oil worked for me!

Sunday Riley Luna oil


Day 1

I cleansed my face as usual, toned with my new miniso essence, and applied this! So it’s blue and smells kind of funky, I’m not a fan of how this smells. It’s rather ewe, in my opinion. And yes it does come out blue, but once you massage between your hands, there is no color. And it absorbs so easily into the skin. Obviously I applied it at night after I removed my makeup (LUNA oil). When I woke up then next morning my skin was definitely more plump and juicy.

The truth is that you have the same effect for a few weeks and since mine is a sample size, and I don’t have wrinkles yet, I genuinely cannot say if it works for anti ageing or not. It does however help with the appearance of large pores as well and skin hydration.

The overall condition of my skin was a lot better but I didn’t notice any decrease in the appearance of any marks or sunspots.

Day 7

The hydration was real. My skin was so plump and supple and even when I skipped a day it still felt the same. It’s almost as if my skin was starting to automatically retain more moisture. I love it .


The Price – $105 for 35ml and $55 for 15ml

No just no! The price of this is simply rude. I mean the sample I received lasted me 4 weeks, but seriously man. I would only typically use 2-3 drops, except the first even because I was so excited, so I am sure I could have pushed it to 5 weeks lol. No I’m kidding, it does go a very long way so, I say if you can afford this COMFORTABLY and not need to put yourself in debt for it, go for it. If you have dry skin you really won’t be sorry. But if you can’t afford it, try looking for a more affordable skin oil for your specific skin concerns, perhaps something from The Ordinary?

The packaging of the Sunday Riley Luna oil 

I like the fact that even the sample comes with a dropper. It’s a teeny little bottle but they took the time to make it worth it for it’s price. And there is no plastic stopper so I literally used every last drop of oil in that bottle!

What’s the verdict? if you can get this, do it. If not don’t feel like you NEED to have it in order to have great skin. Even though this to me is absolutely transformative I wouldn’t even spend that $55 on it to be honest. Besides we are all the way over here in South Africa so now I have to pay shipping too so no thanks.


Anyway loves that was my take on the Sunday Riley Luna oil

If you have tried this and love it or don’t let us know in the comments how you found it or how it worked out for you!?


Have a Be YOU tiful day Gorgeous!

You’re worth it ♥




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