Sunday Riley C.E.O Glow Oil

Last year I received the Sunday Riley CEO vitamin C serum, and you can see the full review here. As you can see in that post I had some pretty decent results. So when I saw the sneak peeks for the Allure box in January 2019, I was in. It was pretty much why I got the box.. This box also included a sample of the Sunday Riley A+ High-Dose Retinoid Serum, which I can’t review.

That sample was just that a sample and I didn’t notice anything significant with my skin.

So this I don’t believe was a full size because the full size retails for $80 and I believe this one was a retail of $40.00. But, this box is a $10 a month box, I mean really. That is amazing value for money, especially since we received 2 Sunday Riley products and 4 other products, although my micro beauty blender wasn’t in my box.

I can’t say for sure but that might have been a variation product, and I don’t mind at all. It’s not like I hadn’t tried it before. And it was more annoying than useful to me. I will say though if you like to highlight and contour the micro blender can be handy to avoid a full face of contour.

Sunday Riley Glow Oil

The consistency

Its an oil, it’s oily. The orange hue threw me off a bit, but then I realized that there is turmeric in here as well as vitamin C. So naturally it would have to have a color right? Turmeric is not a shy root. If you want yellow anything add some turmeric.

The fragrance

I don’t like it at all. I am the type of person who is drawn to scents and delicious smells. This smells like oil. I don’t mind it, and I don’t think it’s herbal either but there’s something there. Very similar to the Luna oil. I reviewed that too, if you’re interested, just click here. The scent also doesn’t linger, don’t worry.

The price

Like I said I got this in a $10 allure beauty box. But on their website it retails for $40 (R592.00) for this size which is 15ml, and I have to say it is going a long way. Plus I use this every other day in the morning too. But I only use 3-4 drops and that’s enough. The 35ml or full size retails for a whopping $80 (R1184.00), on their site.

Shew that’s a bit hefty for me, but for how long the small one is lasting, I would say this one can easily last you about 9 months. At that rate, that would be R131 per month. To me that’s the same as a drugstore moisturizer so, it’s not bad at all.

So does it work?

Ok I genuinely didn’t see a difference in the pigmentation on my face, which seems to be getting worse with age…rant for another day! But the hydration and natural glow is awesome. I noticed a difference after about a week of using it. But most oils, I find sink in to the skin and that’s that, you are no longer crispy.

But this one leaves something behind. I can’t explain it. I even have a glow, though my foundation. That’s with Maybelline fit me (Matte and Poreless) and no glowy primer.

If you are someone who loves the glow (like I do) and don’t use a lot of base products and don’t want to have to whip out a highlighter. Get this oil. Yesterday I posted on Instagram about hype and it’s impact on us as consumers. I can’t tell you this hype existed for a reason. Winter is here and I am so ready for it, this year.

I feel so alive in the morning. I don’t feel dry and dull at all. When I can ship this here, with no issues or worry of the bottle breaking, I am so re-purchasing it.

Don’t worry I still have like ½ the bottle and I am hoping to see an improvement in my 1 scar, but, I don’t think that is what this oil is for. Also since the pick pocketing, I lots my before pics so I didn’t bother with after lol. But follow me on Instagram I am TRYING to post more selfies. You can watch me progress there 😉

Let me know if you would drop the R1184 on this product or save up R131 for a few months ?


Have a wonderful day gorgeous!

You’re worth it!


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