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Good Morning Gorgeous!

And Happy Monday…I know my posts have been few and far between but I’ve been on training so I can upskill 😀

Anyyywhoo I’ve also decided to post 3 times a week ,just for a little while , as I will be very busy going forward…

So this weeks’ motivation is Love Yourself….Always and forever, and unconditionally


I agree and disagree with this statement….I agree because you can’t give others what you do not have for yourself, but I also think that you can love someone else so much that you can FORGET to love yourself…and that is worse , because unless you have people in your reality that truly love you, you could find yourself with a broken heart, because you forgot about YOU…It may seem selfish but to love yourself 1st is very important because THE WAY you love yourself is how you will receive the love back… Respect yourself, Know your worth, you don’t have to be arrogant about it but just know that YOU ARE IMPORTANT…If not more important than someone else…Don’t take away from yourself to give to others unless you truly can without feeling robbed or feeling that now you are lacking!

Have a stunning week and ALWAYS remember that YOU are worthy of everything you want. <3


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