Setting Sprays – The Good, the Bad and the Radiant

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While I’m on this no buy, firstly, it is so hard , sheewwww. Secondly it is forcing me to finally review all the products I keep over looking in my stash. I think once I get through ALL of it, I will resume purchases. Maybe! Probably! Ok so let’s talk setting spays , The Good, the Bad and the Radiant . If you didn’t know I love, love setting sprays. After highlight it’s my favorite makeup category.

If you’re new here, I’m Zee, and I have dry skin. So most of the time I am totally obsessed with setting sprays, mists etc. But not always as you would imagine. So Let’s dive right in.

For the Beginners

Setting sprays are marketed as a product that makes your make-up last longer and helps with settling powder products. To be honest I have never been able to test that about it, because I have dry skin. It is very rare for foundation to slide off my face or disappear. Unless I am touching my face a lot. So as far as longevity goes, I don’t know , that’s the truth.

What do I use the sprays for

Well mostly it’s to make the powder disappear and melt into my skin. And of course to add glow and dew. No one wants to look crusty or cakey right!? So here are my Top picks and Epic fails!

Top 5 – Dewy/ Glowy mists

Prime And Fine Dewy Glow Setting Spray

Prime And Fine Dewy Glow setting Sprays

Price – R89 I purchased mine on Zando but I can’t find it there anymore or on takealot. But you can probably find it at Dischem in store because it’s not online either. Keep an eye on my insta stories, if I find it anywhere I will probably post it there. This one delivers everytime! When you have on a bit too much powder, it will fix it. When you somehow get a bit dry during the day, it will refresh. Luckily I got this in winter, I cannot wait to see the summer results. And as you can see it was well loved, I don’t know what I’m gonna do because I can’t find it anymore 🙁

Wet n Wild Photofocus Setting Spray – Natural Finish

Wet n Wild Photofocus Setting Spray - Natural Finish

Price – R69. This one like the catrice is very compact and easy to through in your purse. The difference is for me this one refreshes well, while catrice adds way too much glow the 2nd spray around. So I will usually apply that in the morning and use this to refresh my skin through out the day.

Mac fix plus

This is a cult classic and a year ago would have been my number one choice. But when in doubt, this one saves the day. With the addition of the scented ones makes it even better. Except for the price of course, a travel size will set you back R195.00, I mean in comparison to the 2 above, this one is not top of the list at all. And tbt the only reason is the price 🙁 . I mean for a mini setting spray it’s a bit much.

Coverfx Illuminating setting spray

So this is an illuminating spray. There are definitely some shimmer particles in this, but it gives your skin such a beautiful glow. I absolutely adore this one. The one issue for me is the nozzle and the fact that you need to shake the living daylights out of the bottle. I usually just pour it into a bottle I like and it works amazingly. For more info check out this post.

Skindinavia Bridal

I have a full review on this, which you can read more on here. I love the bridal for a fresher look, more so than any setting. I’ve found that importing from the U.S wasn’t too bad and you usually get 2 mini’s with your order. But it is available here too. Isn’t that exciting! You can check on Skindinava’s website, here. Or you can check at Edgars beauty ,whoop whoop. Turns out it’s cheaper at Edgars than direct from Skindinavia, just an FYI.


And that’s all I have for Dewy sprays today. I will update you on more matte or locking sprays but I’m sure you realize they won’t be my most praising reviews. I have dry skin (sorry I know I say this a lot but I think it’s an important little side note), so I don’t enjoy setting sprays that make my face feel like concrete.

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And let me know if you have favorites that I haven’t yet mentioned, I will be sure to try it once I start shopping again 🙂


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