Series| Battle of the Face wash Part 2- Cloth Cleansers

Hey Gorgeous!

So today I am still sticking to the cleansers , after all a clean and well looked after canvas is the most important part of a flawless makeup application

Battle of the series_2Cloth Cleansers

This week I decided to do cloth cleansers, this is generally a cream product that you remove with a muslin cloth. The 2 that I’ve been using is the Dirty Works Pore-fect facial and the Human + Kind All in one wash off facial cleanser


Lets begin with the Dirty Works cleanser : This was the first cream and cloth cleanser I used and it is awesome, contains some eucalyptus and tingles on the skin, but it cleans off all my make up so effortlessly. The way I use it is , I ensure the cloth is hot, not so hot that I burn but hot enough to open up my pores, then I apply the cream cleanser, ring all the water out of the cloth and place it over my face as a steam then gently wipe away dirt. And this is a really good cleanser I really do enjoy it.

Then I tried the Human + Kind cleanser, and does the exact same thing as the Dirty Works, there are a few additional perks to this one. With this cleanser firstly it is super gentle so if you have sensitive skin like I do this one is amazing, no scent, and very gentle on the skin plus you can purchase additional cloths , which I really like.

And the winner is…..

I can’t choose a winner for this one, on the days when my skin is rather annoyed with me the Human + Kind is amazing to soothe it and in Winter the Dirty works wins…. So I would say it’s a tie!

Which ever of these you choose to try will most likely make you happy … More so for dry and sensitive skin types

I hope you’ve enjoyed! And have a stunning evening butiful! <3



      1. Awwwwwhh how sweet of you to say that.. ☺️☺️ but I guess il need to make my route Dubai again to find it..
        But super hugs to you.. ❤️❤️❤️
        God Bless your sweet soul!! Touched!! Mwaaaahh ❤️????

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