Series| Battle of the Face wash Part 1-Breakouts

Good Morning Gorgeous!

I know I haven’t done reviews in a while , so because I have so many products I’ve decided to do a battle of the… series

I will be posting the battle series every Thursday because with work and studies I feel like I need a little more order in my life and will start planning better .. I HOPE!

So If you’re keen leave me some comments on what you would like to see… Since brands are only recently expanding into my country I am not really able to do the series in order of makeup application, especially not on the higher end brands but I would be willing to wait if you are??? Let me know in the comments…

For now I will kick this off with the Battle of the Face washes…


I’ve used the Garnier Pure Active, for me (dry & sensitive) this was too harsh , I assume it supposed to tingle but left my skin really sensitive… It also leaves my skin very tight, which I get because it is the oils in our skin that cause the breakouts but this was way too drying for me. Does it work… not as fast as I had hoped… 🙁

Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active - Blackhead Uprooting Scrub  100 ml

Then I tried the Ponds 10 Face wash , now firstly there is a smaller size which I love and only costs around R7.00 ($0.56) and this smaller one lasts me about 2 weeks, although I only use it for 3 days at a time and I generally only get breakouts at THAT time of the month…My pimples were alot smaller after 24 hours and almost gone in 3 days which is awesome. Doesn’t over dry my skin and feels like it was formulated with sensitive skin in mind because it is not harsh at all (For me).


And the winner is…..

The Ponds 10 hands down

1. Affordable

2. Packaging – caters for all budgets

3. Doesn’t over dry skin

4. A little goes a long way

5. Most importantly it Works!

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed and would like to hear your thoughts on this series…

Have a stunning day butiful!


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