Secret Box 10 – UnBoxing

Hey Gorgeous!

Today I received my secret box from retail box , and this box was dedicated to thin hair.


What I received in this box is the trial sized products of Nioxin 3 Kit , which includes a cleanser (150 ml) , a scalp revitaliser (150 ml) and the scalp treatment (50 ml).

I would really like to try these products simply because it promises to strengthen hair, however I have a full head of hair and I am so afraid to have thicker hair…I guess since it is short and takes alot less time to style I might as well give it a go!

A review will be available after a full 4 weeks of use or as soon as I can see a visible difference…

This box also included a paddle brush, no branding on the brush so I’m not sure who it’s made by but I enjoy my GHD brush and tangle teaser so I’ll keep this one as a back up…

Cost of this box – R199.00

Delivery fee – R50.00

Total cost R249.00 value R536.00 for the trial kit and the only paddle brush with a wooden handle I can find on their site is a Kent Mega taming value R195.00.

If you would like to get your hands on one of these boxes click here

or just the products click here for Nioxin and here for the brush, it would also be beneficial to note the Paul Mitchell brush is currently on sale, to link to that click here.

I hope you enjoyed butiful!

Have a wonderful evening…


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