Quickie Review: Sorbet Quick Dry Spray

Hello again! Have you ever done the best mani of your life and in the blink of an eye it’s smudged! And you have to start all over…But it doesn’t quite look the same right? There are many quick dry products on the market now, so it’s not like ‘the best thing since sliced bread‘ or anything but I have to say from all the quick dry products, drops and sprays alike, the Sorbet Quick Dry Spray is pretty nifty.

As a working mom, who loves to match, and by match I mean I always try to match my nails to my outfit, so yes there is some planning involved. At some point, I even used to match my eye-shadow too, excessive I know! But when I decide I’m going to do some nail art, like water marbling or stamping, it is at that point when the kids conveniently decide they need something urgently… Always, and of course, it smudges, that’s when I throw a tantrum as if it’s everyone else’s fault. So quick dry products are my jam!

Quick Dry Spray

I do use a quick dry polish like Seche Vite of course, or at least I did when it was sold here in South Africa. But as someone who does nail art, it’s frustrating when applying a top coat and it smears your design never-mind that it creates way too many layers of polish on your nails so the solution for me is to use a drying solution or now a spray, that way I apply fewer layers of polish too.

I know that essence also has a quick dry spray, which I tried a long time ago and haven’t tested the new one as yet, but the old one wasn’t that great. Around the same time, I found a dis-chem brand which was R14.00 for a tin, and it worked ok nothing amazing but 2 sprays and it was finished so in this case size does matter. I also sometimes use the essence drying drops which I do like but for convenience, the sprays are just better for me personally, because I find the drops contain some kind of oil and then, of course, I can’t touch anything with the butterfingers.

Sorbet Quick dry Sprays

Using the Sorbet Quick Dry Spray

Paint your nails, wait 1 minute depending on the polish, the instructions say 60 seconds and then spray, it feels like nitrogen, because it’s very cold. But once the white residue disappears, you’re good. I find that I can’t do anything rigorous immediately after, but it’s definitely dry to the touch, and thus far I haven’t had those annoying smears or dents in my polish.

I follow that up with the top coat and Bobs your uncle, nails done!…It’s pretty awesome.

I have to say if I am doing a plain manicure, I don’t use this, in that case, I would just use a quick dry top coat, but I use this when I am doing nail art. For me personally that is the most beneficial time to use it, in addition basically every brand now has a fast dry top coat so unless you are skipping a top coat, it’s useless in that situation.

So lovelies that’s my two cents on that! IF you do nail art and need a solution this could be it, if not it’s really not an essential part of your manicure, I would say just get a quick dry top coat, here are some recommendations

Seche Vite – No longer available here but can be purchased on Amazon if you are able to ship it here.

Sally Hansen – Insta Dri or Gel Shine, this you can get at Clicks, Dischem even takealot.

Essie – No Chips ahead, 2nd Shine around, or even the Gel setter would do the trick.


Let me know in the comments what are your go-to topcoats or quick dry products, I would love to know what products or brands everyone else prefers.

Have a Be YOU tiful day! you’re worth it




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