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So Skindinavia came to South Africa in 2016, I was so excited because this like the benefit porefessional was so hyped on the internet I just had to have it, like one of those, “youtube made me buy it” instances. At first I couldn’t bring myself to spend R700 on a setting spray, even it is Skindinavia, but finally today I will be reviewing ‘The Makeup Finishing Spray’.

I recently ended up purchasing it, but this was such an impulse buy though. I was googling skindinavia for no reason when I got to the Skindinavia website (in the U.S) I saw 25% off with Carli Bybels code and 2 free mini sprays. I added to cart and when I saw how affordable it was compared to over here in South Africa, I checked out! Not my best idea since I don’t have or use a credit card lol.

None the less I received it, I thought I would get some pushback from Aramex Global shopper because to date I still have not received my damn August BoxyCharm…It’s starting to get on my last nerve, but I digress…Skindinavia! To my surprise I didn’t, my package was delivered, no problem.

The brand launched a few months ago in South Africa, but when I saw the price, I wanted to cry R699 for the largest bottle! And then R500 for the medium, I mean really, I might as well just pay the R700. On the plus side, ALL their products are shipped free of charge! Yes, ALL, even the mini’s, which is around R200.00.

So I received my package and the excitement was basically oozing from my eyeballs, the ladies at work were like “what’s that?” and I was like “don’t touch!” this stuff is sacred lol. So obviously I put it straight to the test and here are my findings –

Day 1

I did my usual makeup routine, primer, foundation, powder (I only set my under eyes). The foundation I used was the Maybelline Matte and Poreless. Another cult product but more on that one later. I usually have my face on for around 12 hours, now I wasn’t sure what it was but it was still there. However, I have dry skin, when the spray started to set, I could feel my skin tightening. I know for oily people that’s a good thing, not for me. I prefer a spray to set my face without feeling like its setting…you know?!

Day 2

I used my Rimmel match perfection foundation because this stuff is amazing, again usual schpeel, and again set my face! like really set it! Lasted all day

Day 3

I decided I was going to try the primer spray as well, wow, that to me feels like real hydration. Maybe it is just me but I would definitely purchase the full size of that primer spray. I really did enjoy it, then again painted on my face, this time I first used some mac fix plus then the skindinavia, this was a lot comfier and still surprisingly stayed put!

Day 4

On this day I didn’t use any setting powder at all, I sprayed it onto my beauty blender and pressed it into my skin to set everything, and wow…This and day 3 are my favourite ways to use this for sure.


Please excuse my expression, but this is what it looks like at the end of the day!!!!

So at the end of it all am I a fan, YES!, if used the way I describe above. Now for dry skin, it really does feel a bit tightening, but still comfortable if you add some moisture. For normal skin, I think this one would be a winner and if you have oily skin they do have for that specific skin type.


I am thinking of getting the Skindinavia The bridal Spray, and seeing if that one wouldn’t perhaps be better for my skin type, what do you think? If you’ve tried them which is your favourite?


Thanks for chilling with me for a bit, now go have an amazing day gorgeous! You’re worth it!


  1. I am actually on the verge of trying out Skindinavia due to a lot of good reviews. But the price is just to hefty for me. I am about to finish my Slay setting spray from gerard cosmetics (which is also good btw). But since I read your review, I might try it out.

    1. U can get the smaller sizes first or if you’re near sephora try getting a sample before taking the plunge…I have to try the GC too…Maybe I can try that one next 🙂

  2. I LOVE this setting spray combo! I did a post on it a while ago bc my skin is super oily and it worked wonders! But the process of buying it was just so much hassle for me in the UK that’s Ive switched to Urban Decay which I have to admit just does as well and is cheaper! Great review!

  3. I really want to order this soon, but I told myself that I first need to finish one of my 6 bottles that I currently have!! When I finish one, definitely going to order, but the one for oily skin.

    1. ????????????. And the code seems to still be active at least …. That’s the one I got … I wanna order the bridal 1 next

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