Review : Sh’Zen Regenerating Enzyme Gel

Hey Gorgeous!

Hope you are all well… Today I’m bring you a review for my first Sh’Zen Product.


The packaging – It’s pretty ordinary nothing fantastic

The Product – Firstly I got this on sale, so I got 2 for the price of 1, which was awesome 😀

Since this is a gel product that’s how it feels on the skin


Glides on and absorbs very easily, no greasy feeling at all, it also maintains hydration and by now I’m sure you know I have thirsty skin! The smell could be better but doesn’t really bother me personally simply because I put on a moisturizer over it which masks the smell.

IMG_20150421_141738This is after massaging in for no more than 10 seconds

How do I use this – I am currently using this as a serum in place of the Elizabeth Arden serum I posted about, now I know I said I would re-purchase that, and I most definitely would, but since I have this and 2 of them I really don’t see the need right now. So after I cleanse my face, I apply toner , then my body shop facial spray followed by this gel. I apply morning and evening, in the morning I follow it with moisturizer and at night I follow with the Vitamin E night oil by the body shop.

Now you’re probably thinking how do I know this is the product that has affected my skin, I do , because I have been using my normal products for a while now and haven’t seen a dramatic change, until I added this guy to the regime.

I have been using this for just over a week and even my husband says my skin is looking amazing, so glowy. It feels softer and smoother and just looks absolutely radiant.

So yay or nay!

For me it’s a Thumbs Up

If you are in SA and would like to start purchasing Sh’Zen products, please feel free to Contact Melissa Quinn, you can find her on Facebook : Click Here , you are sure to find a special offer there 🙂

Hope you’ve enjoyed!

Have a wonderful day butiful! <3



  1. Thank you!! Absolutely awesome review. (Courtney and Rehana please scroll down)

    BTW I have been doing the facial massages and in the training we are shown to apply the gel onto our fingers and “butterfly” the gel onto our face. So like butterfly fingers. And when we apply the day cream we gently pat it onto our face. Not rub it in. Something new I learned and did yesterday. Try it. The butterfly fingers assists to awaken the nerve endings in your face.




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