The ever Popular No Poreblem Primer

How many of you have large pores? How many of you have been searching for so long for a pore filling primer that really fills them in? This can be a real poreblem right?

I have seen so many video reviews about this primer. When I heard it was coming in Boxycharm I meditated so hard to ensure I got it, and I did lol. So let’s see if it’s really worth the hype!


Touch in Sol – No Poreblem Primer

No Poreblem Primer


Too cute, its very girly and appealing. It has a pump which is always a plus.The packaging isn’t mind blowing but very clean and too the point, I quite like it.


Since I got this in y Boxycharm I basically got it for free. But on Sephora’s website this retails for $18.00 which is about to R257.86, that would exclude shipping of course, so it’s not super expensive but it’s not cheap either.


I don’t have any primer I can compare this to at the moment, but to me it’s very hydrating. It has a gel like consistency and is easily absorbed into the skin. So for that reason I really do enjoy it, but my poreblematic pores are still a problem sadly. I have dry skin and without foundation I don’t notice my pores as much as I would with foundation. But if I were only looking to fill pores this is not the primer I would reach for.

Would I recommend it?

If you’re looking for hydration and have no pores or very small or few pores, you will love this. However, if the craters on your face just will not be filled to the point, where you feel like you can only get the filling done is with Polly filler, then this is not for you. So will this solve the poreblem? I doubt it.

For more options on some good pore fillers, check out My cover FX post here.

Oily skin, uuummh that’s a tough one, I guess in that case you will have to try it for yourself.

But I find that it helps with making me look more dewy rather than more matte throughout the day. I feel like this is one I am really going to enjoy during winter.

Let’s chat about what you like or disklike about this primer or if you’ve even tried it yet? Are you going to ?

Have a Be YOU tiful day Gorgeous! you’re worth it!






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