Review: Maybelline Master Conceal

Two weeks ago I went into Dischem and I was so excited because the beauty fair had just begun and the one I went to had a lot of new Maybelline products on the shelf, which I honestly thought we would never see here on our shores. To my surprise there they were, the ‘Maybelline master‘ line of products, I felt like a kid in a candy store and couldn’t decide what to get. Eventually, I made my choices and the first up for review is the Maybelline master conceal camouflaging concealer.

Let’s talk Maybelline master conceal!

The Packaging

This comes in a tube, which is really not ideal, I prefer a doe foot applicator, it’s a lot easier especially when I am rushing in the morning. The upside is that it’s so thick squirting out too much product rarely happens or at least to me. In terms of packaging, this is not one I would gravitate toward when I am in a rush.

The Product

This bad boy is thick hey, no joke. It will probably cover up your entire life, it’s basically an eraser lol, if only we could use concealer to camouflage our little mishaps hey?! On the Maybelline NY website there are 5 shades available, however, the darkest one is medium deep, which could probably work as a normal concealer for me or a brightening one on a darker skin tone. I got mine in the shade medium, this is simply because I prefer a ‘brighter’ under the eyeshade, so I don’t look dead, but not so bright that I am a bat signal if that makes any sense because to me that’s what highlighter is for.

The wear test

The first day I wore this, I didn’t use any powder, eventually, it did crease. It was settling into my fine lines, but nothing a mini blending sponge and some setting spray couldn’t fix. Please remember I’m the Sahara and powder is not really something I like to reach for because I just end up looking like a cake face, every single time.

The second time I used it I used a little of the Catrice nude illusion powder, horrible mistake. Seriously it was horrendous. Don’t use these 2 products together (if you have dry skin)!


Then I finally tried it with the bareMinerals Invisible Light Translucent Powder Duo that we received in the July 2017  boxycharm, and it was perfect, no cake, no creasing and lasted all day, so if you are going to try this concealer and you also have dry skin, try a pressed powder instead of a loose one.

The Price

This was R159.00 (if I am not mistaken), that’s for 12ml or 40fl oz, to me it’s really not badly priced not because you get a lot of product but because it is so full coverage a  little goes a long way. And compared to some higher end concealers, it’s not bad at all. What’s more is while the beauty fair is on at Dischem and you spend R230.00 or more on Maybelline you will receive a free gift


At the end of the day, if you are looking for an affordable, full coverage concealer, this is it. If you need something even more affordable check out the LA girl pro conceal. Just ensure that you try different methods of using and setting this concealer depending on your skin type and personal preference.

Where to purchase: So far I have only seen it at Dischem

But not available online as yet.

Let me know if you already picked it up and if you have any tips for me perhaps on how to enhance my experience with it.

Have a BE YOU tiful day! You’re worth it!


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