Review : Loreal Nude Magique

Hello Butiful!

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter weekend… Mine was loads of fun!

Well I’m bringing you a review today on the L’Oreal Nude magique, let me start off by saying I bought this simply because I hadn’t seen it before (so typical) , and when I got home I really thought it was a BB Cream, but it has no BB effect for me.



Very typical of a BB cream and I really like the color of the tube.


I really don’t like how this comes out of the tube, I am going to the mall later this week to see if I can test it at another retailer, just to make sure it comes out as it is supposed to… It has a very thick consistency and a thin nozzle, I expected it to be a bit more fluid than it is, and looks weird lol….


But to be honest since there is virtually no fragrance and it glides on to your skin so smoothly , once you rub it between your hands you forget what it looked like coming out of the tube!

Makes my skin really feel so soft and smooth , although the blurring I don’t really see a difference until the foundation is applied.

Over all I like it but ONLY as a primer definitely not as a bb cream, I have too many marks and redness to cover up to be satisfied with this alone.

Here are some before and after shots (please excuse my beauty spots and red skin, its very sensitive lately)


*PS* The top after image is after the L’Oreal nude and foundation as well as the bottom primed with smashbox and then added foundation.

Hope you enjoyed and found this helpful!


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