Introducing : KuriAmé Skincare, will it be any good?

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What is KuriAmé you asked? Let me tell you all about it. A few weeks ago I received a notification of a contact via the blog, for some reason, I don’t get them as emails, I have to investigate that. This person advised they wanted to send me a package for review purposes (FYI this is my “disclosure”). So no I am not paid or asked to review but I did receive the products for free, just so you know.

Let’s just jump right in, but first is it me or is 2018 turning out to be the year of skincare? Am I the one only experiencing this? Please let me know. Anywhoo enough nonsense talk now.

KuriAmé – The Brand

“KuriAmé is a new, proudly South African anti-ageing skincare range causing waves in the skincare industry. Clients following #TheKuriAméWay are experiencing incredible results within weeks of using the products”. I received a sample pack which if you are interested is actually available for purchase on the website for R645, just click here.

KuriAmé – Starter / Travel Pack


So when I first saw the package I actually laughed because I was like what kind of difference would I see in my skin with this dollhouse sized goodies. None the less I was all about trying it out, because what’s the harm right?!

I will say though in my bathroom I have a little glass table goodie and it looks so pretty displayed there lol.

Amé Cleanse

This is a cream cleanser and I once again have dry skin I was so happy that it was a cream. My first order of business obviously was to see how it removes makeup. So how I used this is to massage it onto my skin, then add a little water. This stuff even took off my mascara. I was totally shocked, to say the least. I then use a microfiber cleaning cloth (That is super hot) to wipe off the cleanser and then I rinse. My skin was squeaky clean and not over dry. I really do love a good cream cleanser. This one retails for R195.00 for a 50ml.

Toning Elixir

This was the first one to finish of the set lol. So it really is little and I basically drown my cotton pads in the toner. I don’t know why but I like the pad to be soaking wet. This is one of the few toners which do not burn my skin. Most of the ones I’ve tried in the past burn for at least the first 2 days, not this one so if you have sensitive skin and experience the same problem I would say go for it. It does, however, leave a weird film feeling after you use it. I don’t know if that was just me but again doesn’t over dry the skin. It leaves it cleansed but comfortable. This one retails for R205.00 for a 100ml.

Aloe Plasm+

I tried not to do any research on Kuri Amé at all prior to using it so I could just experience what I was going to without being bias. When I read Aloe plasm my mind went straight to Ghostbusters/ghost hunters and ectoplasm lol. But it isn’t like snot at all don’t worry and I couldn’t detect much of a scent either. So it’s a gel-like consistency and absorbs into the skin really easily. The first day I only used this, by that I mean I used the cleanser, toner and only the aloe plasm, the hydration was almost immediate and the next morning my skin felt plump but not hydrated? It’s the first time I experienced that it was kinda weird. but that’s how it went. I would say if you need some moisture I think this is the only product you need to add to your regimé but if you need deep moisture as I do, this alone won’t necessarily provide it. It retails for R295.00 for a 30ml.

Rejuvi Serum

Lol, these names though! Like you were at a juvenile centre hahaha hahaha. Ok, I’m gonna stop being a child and focus! This according to the instructions is applied like the jam {jelly} layer between the peanut butter and bread. This is the step before the final step in this routine. This to me is very sticky. Kinda like a tacky primer which will then hold on to the next step. I’m not sure if that’s what it’s meant to do, but it’s what it feels like. Now, this provided the kinda moisture I need, especially in the winter months. And it is so lightweight. I usually faf around for like 2-3 minutes before I apply the next layer and that seems to work perfectly. I really think this is my favourite of the products I tried. It is a bit pricey but if you can buy Clinique you can buy this 🙂 it’s R335.00 for a 30ml.

Ré Activer

Even though the website says this is a moisturizer I personally feel like the serum does a better job. And if you’re someone that wears makeup this product does not play well with the more affordable primers. Every single one I tried balled up except for Dr Brandt pores no more and the Cover FX primers (reviews coming soon). Even the benefit illuminating primer looked horrible on top of this moisturizer. So I decided to only use it at night. As far as anti ageing goes I don’t know, but my skin is so fresh in the morning. I think they need to produce a lighter weight formula for daytime use, especially for the warmer summer months. This one retails for R310.00 for 30ml.


This one definitely has a fragrance, smells a lot like essential oils. But this is one of the best hand lotions I’ve found especially after doing dishes or cleaning up. I am someone who adds domestos (aka bleach) to everything and my skin ends up peeling very badly. I do a little sugar scrub and then apply this lotion. Love it! It’s not greasy at all but makes my hands super soft. Now for R110 for 50ml, some may say it’s pricey, and I agree but it is so worth it! I didn’t take a picture of this one (Sorry!) but you can check it out on their website.

Final Verdict

  • Packaging (I cannot comment on that because this was a sample pack) for travel it would work though
  • Price – I think it is a bit pricey compared to some good finds at the drugstore but at a certain age you learn to invest more in your skin, I think the price isn’t bad but I don’t think it’s attainable for a lot of people.
  • Fragrance – the scent is very subtle but it is herbally like essential oils. Not my favourite but it’s also not overpowering. The hand lotion though you can smell, then again it works so great I don’t care.
  • Would I recommend? I say if you can afford it and want to look into more natural products, get this sample set and see how you feel. I would certainly try it again at a later stage but as I said before I test a lot of products and there are really very few items I end up re-purchasing because I always have things coming in.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by I hope you’ve enjoyed it and if you’ve tried this line let us know how it went for you?

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