Review : Kérastase Discipline Bain Fluidealiste

Hey Gorgeous

I am coming to you with a review for the Kérastase discipline , and I have to firstly say the smell of this stuff is amazing! I kid you not , it smells , to me, like someone went into my brain and created this scent for me… It’s girly but not in a flowery kind of way, it’s kinda how I would describe the lady million perfume…It just smells expensive…

But I don’t really feel like the shampoo does much I like foamy shampoo, and this is not like that at all even though I didn’t get the sulfate free one. My hair does feel clean but I guess in my mind if there’s little/no foam then alot of dirt isn’t being removed.


The conditioner rocks… If you are looking to tame your frizz, this is the stuff to do it… With a leave in time of 2 minutes as apposed to the Aussie one which I feel requires alot more than 2 minutes and I don’t always have 3 minutes to spare in the morning.


I’m not a fan of the packaging simply because I don’t like pink … weird for a girl I know but I feel like pink is over rated.

So ultimately , frizz free hair is here and it smells like gorgeous

Overall I really like this product, only when used together…I’m really not a fan of mixing products…

Thumbs Up

Have a wonderful day butiful ♡


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