Review : IGIA Water Flosser

Hi There, and welcome back! First off let me apologize for not posting much last week, it’s been crazy and blogging sadly is what I do part time for now.

But I bring you a very interesting review, or at least interesting to me 🙂

We’ve all probably heard of or at least seen the Waterpik, either online or in-store somewhere, and when I first saw it I was like what is this. Then as we do, I did some googling and found that it is a more gentle way to floss. The downside is it comes with a bit of a price tag.

For example, on this contraption runs at R1499.00 about $103 (with the current exchange rate). Now I am ALL about hygiene, and to me, this was a must-have item because germs are unacceptable! But I didn’t even pay this much for my electric rechargeable toothbrush so I was not about to drop this kind of cash on a flosser, it just didn’t make sense to me.

Eventually, the Universe came around and a cheaper one was released. IGIA released a manual one which currently costs R249.00 ($17) on 

These are also available at Dischem Pharmacies, which is where I got mine aaaaand I got it on sale for R99.00 ($6). I figured I would just get it to see what all the fuss was about.

WHAT a waste of my time. Seriously, I don’t know if it’s because of the brand or because it’s so manual, but this particular one sucks! I am currently saving for the original Waterpik and hoping it goes on sale so I can try that one, but, now I have really high hopes.



Obviously very cheap but I like that the box is tiny and when I decide to pack it up or whatever it won’t take up a lot of space anywhere, and when it’s out, to be used, it’s about the size of an electric toothbrush, just a little bigger at the handle.


Wrong, all wrong, it doesn’t tell you to twist the top off so there I was pulling it apart and almost broke mine. So guys if you still decide to get this item, you have to twist off, not pull off ok!

How to use

The instruction says you can hold the button down for more pressure and continuous squirt, lies! Maybe my definition of pressure is different to Igia’s but it feels like nothing, like the water, is a tickle monster, there to play with your gums. So I think when I just use mouthwash as normal I clear out more gunk. But to be fair if you’re looking for targeted cleaning, this is awesome. Like one of my fillings fell out, so I could clean the hole like a dentist :D.


If you are not looking for a really high pressure, dentist type of clean, and for it to be targeted, go for it. Don’t waste your money on the more expensive one. But if you’re like me and need real pressure because the gaps in my teeth aren’t very big, then this is a waste of your time.

If you have any suggestions on a better version of this that won’t break the bank, please let me know down in the comments.

Thanks for hanging out gorgeous! Have a stunning day, You’re worth it!


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