Review : Glamglow Sonic Gravity Mud

Hello, everyone! And happy Friyay!!! Today we are reviewing the glam-glow gravity mud. So let me start off by telling you that I usually don’t purchase such high-end products, I just feel there are a lot more affordable options on the market, but this was a sonic edition. I just had to have it, growing up I played sonic the hedgehog all the time. With each gaming console we owned, the first game to purchase was always Mortal Kombat, then sonic, that is, until crash bandicoot came out on the PS1, then poor sonic and even Mario brothers took a bit of a back seat.

Anyway so let’s talk about this mask. Firstly it’s a metallic blue, recently I have very much been into metallic colors i.e. rose gold, copper, holographic it’s just awesome. The tube, however, is a bit tiny, it feels more like a deluxe sized sample, now for R290.00 or $21.00, I think it’s a bit steep. But being the junkie that I am I got it anyway!


The Application

When you first apply it, the mask feels very cooling, the one thing I really did enjoy is that’s it’s not like most feel off masks that pull your skin so tight you can’t move your face. This one feels pretty comfortable while it’s drying. Peeling it off was a bit patchy but I think I need to apply a thicker layer. So, in other words, it didn’t come off in one easy peel.

Please excuse the angle and the lighting, but as I have said before I really don’t like taking selfies. I feel like a total idiot, none the less this is what one even layer looks like. You keep it on for 20 minutes or until the entire mask is dry, and bob’s your uncle, you can start peeling away, which by the way is the most weirdly satisfying thing in the world! I think when I use peel off masks, I do it to be able to peel it off, same would apply to liquid latex around my nails…I lurv it!

The effects – One use

After the first use, yes my skin was softer, and felt cleaner, which is to be expected I mean it’s a peel-off mask and should be pulling the gunk out of my pores! Did I notice firmer skin? No, I wasn’t expecting a botox looking face, but again for the price and the hype, it should be visible immediately, in fact, this mask should jump out of the jar and apply itself to my face…Hhahahhahaha JK! So no, no immediate firming but definitely made my skin supple.

The effects – Two Uses

I have to say after the second use I did feel kind of ‘botoxed’, but I did it a bit differently :

  1. Cleansed my face with the Loreal Pure clay detox wash (the charcoal one),
  2. I used a warm muslin cloth over my skin to open my pores a bit and
  3. Then went in with the mask. This time I also applied a thicker layer, and the peel-off process was so much fun! (Yes I’m a weirdo. I need more peel off masks in my life…)


I hate to admit it but I quite like this mask, aside from all my foolish reasons, it is super comfy to have on, peels off like a dream, removes the dirt from my skin and doesn’t leave me feeling like a dried mango.

I really think with long-term use it actually will firm up the skin. I won’t purchase the full-size tube for a while because I don’t have tons of wrinkles, but I am definitely keeping this guy on the ‘To Get’ list when I feel the old lady effect taking over.

Let me know what your favorite glamglow mask is…If I can I would love to check it out!

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