Review : Elizabeth Arden Optimizing Skin Serum ????

Good Morning Gorgeous!

Lets talk Serum… I received this serum in my February Beautique Box from Rubybox, and it looks like a full size product… I didn’t think I would use it because it my mind the “serious” anti aging products are for the mature women, now I’m not exactly 20 either but I have pretty good skin , aside from the dry factor.

I read up on it and I saw that it is aimed at 30+ , and I was like “ok let’s do this” with very low expectations… Their website promises visible results in as little as 6 days ,and that is no lie , I started to see a difference within 3 days!

The packaging :

It is a sleek bottle, but the lid or pump is pretty cool , you twist it to reveal the pump spout… The silver lid is to me very appealing, I just love silver.

The Ingredients :

Retinyl linoleate a vitamin A derivative

Vitamin C

Based on these 2 ingredients alone , I was sold lol…

How I use it :

All I need is 2 pumps, like I said a little goes a longer way than you would expect. So once I have cleansed and toned my skin I will spritz some Body Shop Vitamin E facial spray and let that absorb (While I make coffee :D) I will then apply the serum and it absorbs pretty quickly, then follow that with a sunscreen, and then the usual moisturizer and make up or no makeup depending on my mood

The result :

My skin is so much softer and just looks radiant… I haven’t seen an improvement on the marks in my face but I have only been using it for 2 weeks now , morning and evening. If anything changes I will post an update. But I really really like what I see so far…. I love healthy looking skin even and I am well on my way to having ALL DAY dewy skin…

This product gets a definite thumbs up and I would most certainly repurchase it …

Thumbs Up



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