Review: Dove Derma Spa Range

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Thank you for stopping by…We are headed into Winter here in South Africa and I think this review is right on time. As usual, I was taking a long romantic stroll in Dischem and spotted a new launch, the Dove Derma Spa Range.

I didn’t purchase the body cream but I did get the lotion (I didn’t see the need for both). I also picked up the hand lotion as well as the Uplifted + body roll.


Dove Derma Spa Hand lotion

Packaging –

Looks very luxurious but has pretty standard packaging for a hand cream. The lotion also comes in a tube where the body cream comes in a tub. I prefer the tube mainly because I am a germaphobe and wouldn’t want people sticking fingers into the tub especially the kids 🙂

Scent –

It has such a beautiful fresh fragrance, I really don’t know how else to describe it, but it is definitely a feminine scent that I think most females would appreciate.

Product –

It’s not a thick cream at all, the consistency is pretty fluid, but once you massage it into the skin it literally feels like velvet, there is a slight oily or slick feeling to it but that disappears as it absorbs into the skin. Most creams either take too long to absorb or has an oily feeling, this one is so heavenly… I think this range will soon be a holy grail especially compared to my EOS lotions, this price point is a lot cheaper.

Rating 10

Dove Derma Spa Uplifted+ Body Roll-On

This can be found at Dischem Pharmacies and Clicks and was on sale for R99.95 when I purchased it.

Packaging –

This also comes in a tube with roller balls on the tip, so you can’t really squeeze out product onto your hand and not use the rollers. The only issue with this is you turn the head to open it and use, but sometimes while you are rolling it on your skin it somehow turns to the closed position, which can be annoying especially in the morning when you’re trying to get ready quickly. It’s not so hard to switch it back but just a side note so if you do pick this up expect that.

Scent –

Also has a very fresh fragrance very similar to the Nivea goodbye cellulite.

Product –

This is a gel formula, I find that once I have pressed and rolled the tube onto my skin I have to massage with my hands as well to get it fully absorbed. The gel is cold and has a cooling effect so on a cold winter morning I don’t imagine it is something we want to be applying, but in summer not too bad.

Results –

I haven’t yet noticed an amazing impact on firms, but I have only been using it for 3 weeks. Don’t get me wrong there is definitely an improvement, it’s just not like my cellu heavy (lol) has disappeared overnight, then again nothing works that quickly. I would still continue to use it, and feel that it does improve the look of the cellulite over time… I will update the post as I go along and provide updates.

Rating so far



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