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Hi and welcome back!

I purchased the Crest whitening strips on The first purchase I did with them was about a 1 ½ years ago. They couriered the package to me and it was a fairly seamless process. So I when I placed another order (for the whitening strips that were on sale), I expected the same service, boy was I in for a surprise. I tried to track the parcel and after 2 weeks I found it had been sent via the postal service (UPS).

So I tried tracking again a week later but suddenly there were no updates available on UPS. I checked the SA post office website and couldn’t find anything because the tracking numbers didn’t match. I even set the delivery address to my office, on the assumption that it would be couriered. Eventually, I emailed the international post office (in South Africa) and a lady in the customer services department was surprisingly helpful & did a trace for me, found my package and provided the SA tracking number. After 3 months it was finally at the Post Office for collection.

Now enter Murphy (you know, the one from Murphy’s Law) it was sent to a Post Office in Alexandra (a township). If you’re from Johannesburg or maybe even SA, you would have heard stories about “Alex”. I was oblivious and thought ‘Oh it’s basically across the road how bad can it be?’ HA! Let me tell you it is like leaving the earth’s atmosphere and visiting another planet.


Eventually I received my parcel. I had to pay customs of about R54, which wasn’t too bad. I used the strips for about a week and… I really liked it. It was great. As a coffee drinker I didn’t expect overnight results, and didn’t get overnight results, but after about 5 days I could see a difference. Sadly I forgot to take before and after pictures 🙁 sorry!


The sensitivity test:

I already have pretty sensitive teeth, but I found that it was a lot less abrasive than the white glo kit. I usually use the Diamond Series Whitening System, I can only use this once a week. Any more than that and I won’t be able to have coffee or talk for that matter.

So overall I really do enjoy the crest strips. A slight caution, if you have sensitive teeth, try using Sensodyne in the evenings. This was very effective and allowed me to use them every other night with almost no sensitivity.If you can’t seem to find the Sensodyne or maybe find it to be too pricey, another option is Colgate whitening for sensitive teeth. I have used this in the past and so has my bestie and we both agree it is a great option.

Thank you for making it this far…As I said I have one to give away to one lucky reader…

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Good Luck Beauties!!!!


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    1. I have tried that , the one i used comes out pink?? I don’t really see a difference…Let me know which one you use maybe I can give it a go 😉

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