Review: Correct to Perfect CC Concealer Palette

Hello, beautiful people of the internet…I hope you all had an amazing weekend. I started checking items off my October 2017 Wishlist, which you can read more on in a previous post. I decided to start off with the ‘Essence Colour Correcting Palette’.

No, I don’t use many colour correctors, but I do buy them and then I don’t end up using them lol. I do have dark circles under my eyes but concealer does the job for me. There’s no real need to colour correct anything.

So let me start off and say if you’re looking for an all-in-one Correcting Palette then this one is a good choice. I won’t be able to guide you if you have blue under eye circles and a super fair skin-tone because that is not the extent of my discolouration. I can tell you this is for those days when you don’t get enough sleep, and the under eye appears sunken in. This guy can definitely do the job.

Essence Correct to perfect CC palette

As you can see there are the 4 usual suspects lol.

Peach corrects any bluer tones

Yellow corrects purple tones

Green corrects redness

and Purple neutralizes dull yellow undertones on light or medium skin tones

Now to be completely honest I would typically only use the peach, but I tried the green too. At the time I had a little red monster growing on my cheek and Bam! Gone… Furthermore, for some odd reason when I mix all the colours together and put them over my pores, they disappeared? Is this Normal? Please let me know.

Below are a few swatches. As you can see, they are very pigmented. It’s thick enough to cover but not so thick that it looks cakey, nor is it so sheer that it disappears on the skin.

Foundation and concealer sit very nicely on top of it, for a budget-friendly option I would definitely recommend this. They also launched a colour correcting powder, same as the concealer with all the same shades, I didn’t get that because I’m not a huge powder fan with my dryness. So I knew I wouldn’t like it and didn’t want to give a bad review because I make terrible purchase decisions lol.

Would I recommend it?

Yes, definitely, but only for the moderate discolouration. If you’re dealing with scars and very bad hyperpigmentation, I think it’s better to go high end, like Urban Decay correctors, maybe even Kryolan.

Cost – R79.95 that would be $5.00

I mean can it get better than that? Considering how often we use these things, or rather I do, I would much rather get this compact instead of the individual crayon looking ones they’ve released before. That’s of course only if you need more than one specific colour.

Well lovelies, let’s chat down in the comments on your thoughts and experiences with this item!

See you later… Have a BE YOU Tiful day! You’re worth it!



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