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I know everyone is doing black Friday posts, but I feel like we have enough information on that so I decided to do a review on the ‘Clinique take the day off’ range. If you’re curious about this or want to make a skincare purchase then this is the post for you.I got this a few months ago and have been using it religiously.

I have to say I really do enjoy these products, for the most part, let me explain.

The take the day off – The Balm

This feels like every other cleansing balm on the market, and I have dry skin so I am not very big on tugging at my skin with makeup wipes, or over cleansing with face washes. I must say this is cleansing, and moisturising all in one. So, you scoop out some of the balm, I prefer not to stick my fingers in there, so I use a lollipop stick.

Then rub it in your palms to melt and warm up the product. Massage into your skin and watch it break up all the makeup. Once you’ve massaged it for a few minutes, you can apply a little water and it lathers up slightly, now it’s not going to create the same kind of foaming action as a normal face wash but there is a little foaming that happens. And then of course rinse as usual and pat dry.

Now you can opt for something like coconut oil, but if you can afford the splurge, why not. The other thing is that the blam leaves your skin moisturized but not oily like using coconut oil would.

The only thing is I find this is not so great when it comes to mascara removal and that’s where the liquid comes in…

The take the day off – The Liquid

Ok so the way I use this, is before the balm, I put some on a cotton pad, and then just hold it over my eyes for a few seconds so it can get to work, no rubbing! The intention is to remove the stubborn liner and mascara, not to create any wrinkles!

I gently massage in a circular motion for less than 15 seconds and then I will use the balm. This way I know the eye makeup is properly removed. This is one of those products that doesn’t sting my eyes, or leave them irritated.

So they both work well just in different ways. I feel like the balm doesn’t quite break down mascara, the way I want it to, that is mostly because before this I was using coconut oil for the longest time. Nothing works as well as that for its price, or at least for me. The liquid remover feels a lot more oily and very slippery so for the eyes it’s perfect because it doesn’t require a lot of rubbing and tugging at the gentle skin.

If you wanted to try these and had to make a choice, I would say go for the balm, unless you’re someone who wears a lot of waterproof mascara, and you apply 2 or more coats of the stuff, then skip the balm and get the liquid. If all else fails and you feel like it’s just not worth the splurge for you, coconut oil is your best bet!

I would definitely recommend both of these for different reasons. So the choice is yours.

Would  I re-purchase you asked? If I’m in the mood to spoil myself, yes, I would. 100%. This is one of those items that is not a MUST have, but, when you do have it or can get it, it’s awesome, but again not something I can’t live without.


Let me know what your experience was with this product or how you like to remove your makeup?


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