Review: Body Boost Firming Cream

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A close friend of mine recently started selling products that are of a more adult nature. We did a whole unboxing with loads of laughing of course because my group of gal pals are hilariously immature. Anyway, obviously, the intention was to support her right and buy some goodies because that’s how we roll.

Until we got the link to her website with the prices. I have never been a bigger cheapskate in my life lol. So I will start off by telling you that honestly, it is not your affordable everyday price points, however, I got the Body Boost Firming Cream and I was shocked.

Review: Body Boost Firming Cream

Body Boost Firming Cream

Price R476

Yes, I admit it is a lot. Especially when you can get gels like the Nivea Q10 firming gel, or the Sorbet one. Those are no more than R200 a tube. So if I were you I would maybe look out for any special offers if this is something you would like to try by the time you’re done reading this. You can check it out here.


Beautiful, to say the least, the Body Boost Firming Cream has a clean white tube with gold accents it’s very aesthetically pleasing to look at in your bathroom.  Personally, I love a tube, because when you’re just about done with it you can cut that mother in half and still use up what you weren’t able to squeeze out fully. (For R476 you better believe I cut that tube when I was just about done with it).


Now we’re getting to the good stuff, right? So this is a thick moisturizing cream in the packaging of a lotion. When there is very little product left in that tube you will probably HAVE to cut it. The contents remind me a lot of a body butter consistency. But the amazingness is that its a body moisturizer and a firming cream all in one. Yay!!!!


For me now in Winter, this was so ideal, I love winter but don’t like cold things touching my skin if that makes any sense. So using a gel type product is not going to happen, but I also don’t want to “rush” for the Summer body when Spring rolls around, so I prefer to just be consistent. And I want the firming cream to work. I want to be consistent and I know with a cold product I will not follow through.

The Body Boost Firming Cream offers me the best of both, and it absorbs easily into the skin. Plus it feels like a body butter, and I don’t have to use 92 products after a shower. I mean really, it’s cold and, a tiled bathroom is nobody’s friend in Winter. All you want to do is jump straight into your warm clothes and be done.

Final Verdict

If you are looking to firm up a bit and have some time to do it in and have the budget for it, I would definitely recommend this product. It smells awesome, feels good on the skin and I have been using it since May, and I have noticed a definite improvement in the texture of my skin.

Will I re-purchase yes, but not now because I am currently testing out another firming gel, so I am going to try and see if I can actually compare the 2 (e.g. how long for me to see more of an improvement or whether it just stays the same).

If you’re keen to give this a go, you can get in touch with the seller, just click here.

I don’t think I know more than 1 person in my personal life that doesn’t have cellulite and constantly asking me about a firming cream. Of course I would refer them to this lady and recommend this, but there may possibly a lot more options out there so if you have cellulite issues and a product to recommendation please drop it in the comments below.

Also have a few tips for you (if you’re a parent) in the previous post.

Otherwise, have a be YOU tiful day gorgeous! You’re worth it!

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