Product Review : Sorbet Facial Brush

Hey Gorgeous!

I purchased my facial brush from Sorbet…Finally!!!

I used to use the dermalogica facial brush (the manual one 🙁 )


And this is not a bad brush at all , I mean really what brush is, they clean your face so much better than using your good old hands right!

Then sorbet came into my life and changed the way I clean…


Firstly this color rocks…since 2015 is the year of blue for me … then it is so cute, and fits right in the palm of my hand, but best of all its waterproof. This nifty little gadet is also re-chargeable , and uses a USB charger, so since I already have a powerbank its great because I don’t have to look for plugs or remove plugs from my adapter to make space etc.

It has a power button obviously , and also has a button so you can change the rotation from clockwise to counter clockwise , which means the cleaning taking place is real lol…


The stand it comes with doubles as a storage container for 2 of the 3 brushes you receive with this product , which to me is awesome because I can misplace things so easily …. Now they are all readily available in once place 😀

These are the brushes included in the package :

  • Daily cleansing brush head: for quick removal of dirt and making skin look softer and smoother;
  • High sensitivity brush head: for sensitive skin; and
  • Exfoliating brush head: for deep cleansing.

I use the high sensitivity brush due to my skin being sensitive , as well as the exfoliating brush but only once a week and no more than once around my face using each directional setting, if I go any longer , I think I would end up in pain, or have aggrevated skin. You also have an option to buy additional heads …

These are all available at selected clicks stores … The cost of the brush (well I paid ) R249.99

Each head replacement R39.95.

Overall I am loving this item and would most certainly repurchase it.

Thumbs Up



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