Let’s go through my Product Graveyard

Hey Scarlet’s

Welcome back! I hope you’ve all been doing great. In honour of Friday the 13th, I decided to do a post on products that made it to my “Product Graveyard“. What this means to me, is products I’ve bought or received and completely forgot about. A lot of these you probably would have seen in an unboxing or on Instagram stories.

This post was inspired by Emily Noel on youtube and also my recent house move. You know when you move and start unpacking and realize that you are so wasteful. Yip that’s what happened to me. I was actually quite horrified at how many things I lusted over and insisted was a NEED, that is actually in this pile.

So putting my shame and self-judgement aside, let’s get into the items that just don’t make it to the daily rotation.

Product Graveyard

R.I.P – Smashbox liquid halo

Product Graveyard

Ok, this was an impulse buy. It was on sale last year on Foschini’s website for under R300 I don’t remember the price. Then I used it for the first time and broke out for the first time in my life. This obviously led to me not wanting to use it. But then I was like you know this is so hyped up I’m sure it has to be for a reason.

I tried it again a few months ago and to be honest I really love the look and feel of it. But again I broke out, so now I know why this made it to the graveyard. I have very good skin in terms of zits and it’s not something I am used to dealing with & I wasn’t about to start if you know what I mean. But tbh this one lays in the said graveyard but feels like it could pull a zombie move every now and then, because it really is a beautiful foundation.

R.I.P Tartiest Pro Glow highlight

This I received in one of my Boxycharm boxes. And in true coloured fashion I was so baar (aka excited – this is SA slang) and then I used it and I literally wanted to cry. Why does Youtube insist on lying to us man? If I had actually spent money on this I would have had a fit.

The glitter in this is so visible and you have to be “the flash” with the blending or it just sits on the skin where you placed it. If you’ve had better luck with this product let me know but I know why this made it to the graveyard.

R.I.P Butter London Double decker mascara

To be honest I didn’t even use this. I also received this in a subscription box (Boxycharm March 2018 to be specific). So I am really excited but this one made it to this pile because I actually forgot I had it.

So what I’ve done now is MOVED it to a “to use” pile of mascaras, on my desk so I don’t forget about it again! A person would swear I am pregnant and have porridge brain! I saved it from the product graveyard. And I can’t wait to put it to the test.

And last but certainly not least

R.I.P Doucce Freematic eyeshadows

Yet another subscription box item. This I received from Glossybox, sometime last year. And when I found this it was still in the box! So again this is one of those items that I actually need to use before I decide if it is staying in the graveyard or making a come back as a possible zombie.

So far from the swatches, it doesn’t look too bad. But I think the novelty with these shadows is that the compact is magnetic and interchangeable. But we’ll see! If you’ve tried them let me know in the comments how you feel about it… I would love to know…


So that’s all for now, I really have a lot of products but I don’t want you to have to put in a vacation day to see all the products I forgot about. I will try and do this hopefully once a month so that way I stay on top of my collection because I am trying to scale it down now. I am an adult and can’t be sitting with 2-year-old foundation, it’s Ewww!

What in your collection made it to your product graveyard? Is it even in the graveyard or maybe still on ice at the morgue ? Ooh is there any that belong on a milk carton coz there’s still hope? (Very morbid I know , but come on it’s friday the 13th ya’ll), And definitely not in the product graveyard yet?


Anywhooooo , if you like this one and want more entertainment check out my previous post here.

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