Discover the Nak Structure Complex – Olaplex dupe???

Hey Scarlet’s

So firstly how are you? Hair care reviews for me are so hard because how in the heck do I take a picture of my hair by myself? Anyway I need to review this now or I am definitely going to forget I didn’t post a review, even though I will probably continue to purchase it. Did you get the secret box with the Nak hair too? Let me know in the comments.

Also the “no buy” or to be honest for me is just a less buy, is making me want to actually finish products I before I buy new things.

The amount of STUFF one person has is astounding and rather embarrassing.

Anywhooo I posted the Retail Box Secret box # 42 on my Instagram, and I have been using it ever since.

I have to admit I was a little disappointed when I received my box because I genuinely thought that we were getting olaplex. We were not Sir!

So I smelled it and I was less sad, then I used it and I love it. My only real complaint is the packaging of the treatment. That squeezy tube flap goody always pops out of the Nak range. This is not the first treatment I’ve tried and it has happened with all my tubes thus far.

I will tell you though, I feel a huge difference with the feel of my hair overall. However if you have heat damage, which I do on my ends, there wont be a difference. As for the Chemical damage I actually do notice a change. Firstly my hair is starting to grow , and it felt stunted there for a while and then the texture is not as coarse anymore.

The overall Nak range Fragrance 

Wow! this stuff smells amazing. Nak hair, like alot of higher end brands, brings the fragrance and it lingers. A lot like a high end salon but not as chemically. Furthermore the scent lasts for at least 3 days in my hair but with it’s current length I really don’t expect a week long delicious smell. I generally feel like when my hair is shorter it get’s dirty quicker.

The Shampoo

As in most cases the shampoo smells slight different to the conditioner. But I have to say if you want soft manageable hair after only using a shampoo, this is the product for you. It doesn’t strip my hair at all but makes it so soft. I really do enjoy it. However, unless this came in a combo pack like it did in the secret box, I would skip the shampoo and just get the conditioner or treatment. I always feel like that’s where I see the most benefit.

This on it’s own retails for R350.00, which you can find on retailbox.

Nak Hair shampoo

The Conditioner

To be honest for me shampoo is so irrelevant, like aside from not striping my hair and cleaning it, I could use any shampoo. I feel like the conditioners are the gems. Especially when you are looking for hydration or repair, because it sits in your hair, and, get’s time to penetrate. This one is no exception. How I use this is with a “tinting” cap (I think that’s what its called). But it’s a foil cap, but it looks like a shower cap, just foil. You can purchase this one for R350.00 as well, on you guessed it, retailbox.

Nak hair conditioner


This conditioner will leave your hair silky smooth and super soft. If you have chemically damaged hair and can’t afford the mask or olaplex, this is a good second option to get you on your way to healthy hair.


I obviously saved the best for last

The Deep conditioning treatment

In my humble opinion you can buy Colgate shampoo and conditioner with this as a once a week deep conditioner, and still see pretty good results. To me this reminds me of the olaplex No. 3 treatment but a lot thicker. How do I use it you asked ? Even if you didn’t this is when I saw the best results. This one also R350.00 also on retailbox. And no this post isn’t sponsored I just buy a lot from them. And that’s where I get the secret box from. So I paid R450 and after checking out these products individually, I don’t think i’ll be missing a box again! This is for sure value for money.

Oh yes how I use the products 😀

  • Wash my hair on a Sunday Morning.
  • Towel dry my hair (post shower and dressing)
  • Apply throughout my hair.
  • Put on my foil cap and chill.

Bam! Silky smooth amazing hair. I usually chill till after lunch then rinse out, before styling. And to prevent my hair getting dirty quickly, I use shampoo on my finger tips and only re-wash my scalp with great precision. Do not re-wash your hair completely and undo all that delicious repair now!

I also did a review on the Tresemmé Keratin range if you’re interested. Do they perform the same though? Nah Nak wins for sure, but the tresemmé isn’t half bad though.

And that’s all folks. Let me know if you got this box too or if you’ve tried anything from Nak Hair and how you liked it.

Have a wonderful day gorgeous! you’re worth it!


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