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Nyx Born to Glow

Things have been so weird for me because putting on makeup these days is not even a thing, with the lockdown. But just before uncle Cyril locked us down, I purchased the Nyx Born to glow foundation and concealer. By now I’m sure you know I have dry skin, and glowing is my jam. I’m not a big fan of matte products and when I do use them it’s usually with a litre of setting spray or dousing myself in highlight. Now that that’s outta the way, let’s talk more about these ‘Born to Glow’ items.

Nyx Born to Glow Foundation

Nyx Born to Glow

This little gem comes in a tube. I love tubes and pump packaging for foundation. What I love even more is that it’s plastic. I haven’t yet broken a bottle but I don’t wanna tempt Murphy so I prefer the unbreakables 🙂 . If im not mistaken I think this was around R159.00 (maybe less) but for the most part it’s affordable. I can’t find any links for you now, because it’s NOT an ESSENTIAL product lol. But it is for sure under R200.00. The tube is a bit tiny, but no worse than the maybelline fit me.

Ok so this one is very thin and runny. This is not a thick extremely pigmented foundation at all. I wouldn’t say it’s a BB cream maybe medium ish coverage. I feel like if you have very oily skin, then you may wanna try the can’t stop won’t stop line instead. But normal to dry skin types will love this.

You know what maybe if the oily gals set this one it could work? But for real if you’re trying to cover up a lot of scaring and marks, then you can maybe use a concealer to help, but from the foundation alone, that kind of coverage is not there.

Wear time

I feel like I can easily get away with an 8 hour wear. But the thing I love most about the NYX Born to Glow foundation is how beautifully glowy it makes my skin look. This will not smooth over your skin but it looks stunning. If you spend a little time blending you’re going to love this one.

How I apply the NYX born to glow foundation

I personally want extra coverage on my cheek area. If you’ve seen any of my insta stories or IG tv vids, you will notice the sun damage I have on the left side of my face and then my F N chicken pock planet sized scar. I feel like this lessens the look of those with one layer, and then with 2 layers and some concealer, it looks like it’s not even there.


The consistency is pretty liquid, which makes sense because it is glowy, as for the coverage, I wouldn’t say it’s high coverage at all. It’s more light medium. Is it buildable?, yes defintely. I haven’t had this cake up on me at all thus far. I also love to use this as a mixer with a drier foundation. Something like the Becca ultimate coverage foundation, for dry skin, is a bit much, but looks amazing with something like this.

NYX born to glow

This is an awesome drugstore glowy foundation for sure. It kinda reminds me of the Loreal True Match Lumi. I really miss that one so much. But I think I may have found a possible replacement.

Also this one is not one that sets completely on it’s own. There is that tacky feeling after application, but I found that a setting spray helps with that in the areas you don’t want to add powder to. But do not set with something dewy, like mac fix +, that is not going to hold this in place all day.

The NYX born to glow Concealer

The applicator on this one is like the Maybelline instant age rewind, just smaller. And you can see the product come out when you squeeze the tube. I find this very helpful, compared to the maybelline, because when you are winding up that one, you can’t exactly see how much product is coming out. Other than the first use when the sponge is still clean. Is that just me? am I using it wrong?

The NYX born to glow Concealer


Although the shade range seems a bit small. On their website they say there are 45 shades, I haven’t seen that here at all. Maybe maximum 20 of those 45 shades. But then again its very light coverage and I think you can get away with some not perfectly matched shades. I am now comparing this to the maybelline fit me line, so compared to that, alt less shades here. I also feel like they pull more yellow, and although I have a neutral/olive undertone, I was able to make it work.

Now when you see glow in the title it can freak you out right, but don’t be, the only downside is that this one has to be set for sure. It will crease/slide around on you throughout the day. But, I don’t mind that at all, I am not a huge powder fan. Aaaand the other surprizing thing I found is that when I do use powder, it actually doesn’t age me.

I actually baked the day I did the post on Instagram about having a meeting. And I couldn’t tell all day that I had baked my undereyes. And usually its a hot mess. Adding powder makes me look sooooo much older, not with this. I think it’s because it’s so hydrating.

If you use the nyx born to glow concealer and don’t set with with powder, don’t fret, you may have to tap out the undereye area maybe twice in the day. But I didn’t find that it faded away or even rubbed off without the powder which I can appreciate.

I think this one is a winner especially for everyday use, when you’re not looking or needing that Ultimate coverage 🙂


Have you tried this? if not yet, are you planning to?


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I hope you’ve enjoyed and I hope you are staying safe during these trying times.










  1. I really want to try this, esp because winter is coming up… my skin is super dry in winter. And if you baked it didn’t look too bad then I should love it 😍

    1. It is really a beautiful foundation, plus in winter we are not sweaty so I feel like foundations last longer, so this should be awesome even with powder 😁

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